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The SR series filters are capable of feeding filtered oil under positive pressure to the suction side of the boost pump filtering both open and closed loop oil systems through one filter.

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The Parker GMF Series is a highly compact, environmentally friendly inline hydraulic oil filter that features a re-usable element core. Capable of flows up to 600 L/min (158 GPM). Maximum allowable operating pressure 70 bar (1,015 psi).

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The IN-AGB Series is an In-tank mounted returnline filter. It features a quick response bypass construction with low hysteresis and a high dirt-holding capacity.
Flow rates from 30 l/min to 2400 l/min.
A low cost, high performance filter.

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The Parker 12CS/50CS Coreless Medium Pressure Spin-On Filter Series are the Smart Alternative to Spin-on Cans! An environmentally friendly solution that is engineered with the latest in Microglass technology and economical.

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The Parker iCountPD is a highly compact, permanently mounted laser detection particle size monitor that enables continuous monitoring of contamination levels in hydraulic and fluid circuits.Capable of communicating results in ISO4406 / AS4059 or NAS1638.

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The Parker PT Series Low Pressure Return Line Filters combine high efficiency Quantumfiber filtration with low cost installation. Easily removed for maintenance, this filter offers both convenience and dependability.

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The DIGI Field Kit from Parker comes complete with tests for Water in Oil, Total Base Number, Total Acid Number, Insolubles and Viscosity Comparison. This kit provides the ability to test on-site, resulting in convenient routine oil analysis.

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The Parker Heated Viscometer is a highly rugged and easy-to-use diagnostic device that provides oil viscosity centistoke results in minutes for fast onsite maintenance decisions. Supplied in a compact case for maximum portability.

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The DIGI Test Cell from Parker is a compact, onboard oil test kit ideally suited for use in marine applications. Capable of testing for water in oil, total base number (TBN), total acid number (TAN), Insolubles, and comparative viscosity.

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The Parker EAB Series is an eco-friendly reservoir breather / air filter suited for a wide range of hydraulic system applications. Multiple filter media options available down to 1 micron abs. Designed for airflows up to 1500 L/min (396 GPM).

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The STF Series return line filters are designed for situations where the use of aluminium is restricted in applications such as marine and industrial.
Max. flow 500 l/min - Max. pressure 10 bar.

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The DFBO is a series of low pressure duplex Fuel Filters for diesel filtration in Marine applications.
Suitable for flows up to 90 l/min and pressures up to 10 bar.

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Oilcheck is a completely portable, battery-powered condition monitoring device that provides visual indication of oil quality by measuring and comparing the dielectric constant of new and used fluids. Battery life: >150 hours or 3000 tests.

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Parker patent Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a quick, simple to use chemical test that provides an accurate measure of the parts per million (PPM) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil.

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Parker oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically priced equipment, with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis of Base Number.

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The Parker ABL Series is an eco-friendly reservoir breather / air filter designed to protect hydraulic systems from contaminant ingress. The breather utilizes replaceable LEIF® filter elements and is capable of airflows up to 2000 L/min (528 GPM).

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Parker BGT Filter Series feature pre-filtration by means of a magnet column and Patented LEIF elements with flow rates up to 640 GPM/2400LPM and 150PSI/10Bar. Leif elements with reusable metal sleeve are patented and safeguard the use of genuine parts.

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Parker bunker samplers are designed to provide a representative sample of the entire fuel delivery. Manufactured from stainless steel.

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The PT tank top mounted filter offers an economical solution for quality tank top mounted filtration.
Maximum pressure 10 bar. Maximum flow 400 l/min.

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ATZ Series Suction Filters.
Submersible (under oil level) tank-wall mounted suction line filters containing a valve that closes automatically before changing the element.
Maximum flow 300 l/min.

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Parker's 100P High Pressure Inline Filters are designed for systems where reverse flow can be expected and where space is at a premium. Allowable operating pressure of 6000 PSI/414 Bar and capable of flows up to 120 GPM/455 LPM depending on viscosity.

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The ETF series is a light weight and economic tank top mounted return line filter.
Maximum pressure 6 bar. Maximum flow 175 l/min.

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The Parker high pressure 100P series replacement elements are engineered with the latest in Microglass technology. The element can be serviced with only removing the end of the bowl for applictions where space is premium.

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Parker 50P High Pressure Filter Series is fully customizable to meet any system needs. Meeting SAE HF4 Automotive Standards, and featuring Microglass III technology, a perfect high pressure filter choice.

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The In-line GA series low pressure filters feature magnetic pre-filtration and a wide range of filter media.
Light weight aluminium housing design.
Suitable for a max. flow 230 l/min and a max. pressure of 30 bar.

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