Tanktop Mounted Return Line Filter - Tanktopper Series

The Tanktopper return line filter series features an integrated, 10µ abs. air breather. LEIF® Ecoglass elements available.
An all-in-one, easy-to-mount filter range for more compact tank design. Maximum pressure 10 bar. Maximum flow 650 l/min.

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    The TPR Series I, II & III tank mounted return line filters offer a total filtration solution.
    A 10 micron abs. air breather that is integrated into the filter housing, a magnet column for pre-filtration, 'In-to-Out' filtration, a full-flow bypass with low hysteresis, and the high performance glassfibre filter element materials are all proven success factors in efficient return-line filtration for flow rates up to 650 l/min.
    Several pressure gauges and switches can be applied and a dipstick option is available.
    The all-in-one, easy-to-mount cost-saving TPR solution allows for a more compact tank design.

    Product Features:
    • Tanktopper offers a total filtration solution with integrated air breather.
    • In-to-Out filtration plus gauge and switch options.
    • Maximum pressure 10 bar. Maximum flow 650 l/min.
    • Patented LEIF® Ecoglass elements safeguard filtration quality.

    Typical Applications:
    TPR I
    • Fork lift trucks
    • Power packs
    • Mini excavator
    TPR II
    • Gully-sucker
    • Power packs
    • Dredging ships
    • Mobile cranes
    • Refuse vehicles

Performance Characteristics

Seal Material


Bypass Valve (bar)


Mounting Style

Tank Mounted

Pressure Rating (bar)

0-34 bar

Flow Rate (lpm)

500-1,000 lpm

Housing Material


Temperature Range (C)

-40 / +80

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  • Tanktopper Series Brochure