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Tank Mounted Suction Filter - ATZ Series

ATZ Series Suction Filters.
Submersible (under oil level) tank-wall mounted suction line filters containing a valve that closes automatically before changing the element.
Maximum flow 300 l/min.

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    The ATZ Series is a compact and robust cast aluminium tank-wall mounted filter, located below tank oil level.
    This submersible suction line filter offers maximum protection for the hydraulic system pump.
    When removing the element, the check valve closes automatically, eliminating any chance of oil leakage.
    Pre-filtration takes place by means of a magnetic column.
    Thanks to the 'In-to-Out' filter principle, contaminated oil cannot leak back into the system.
    Suitable for heavy duty industrial applications and recommended for reservoirs with high contamination ingress.
    ATZ Filters are capable of handling nominal flow rates up to 300 l/min.

Performance Characteristics

Bypass Valve Pressure Rating

No bypass bar

Port Type

G1½ + 2 x G1, 2½"SAE-3000psi + 2 x G1½

Mounting Type

Tank Mounted

Pressure Rating

0-34 bar
0-500 psi bar

Flow Rate

250-500 L/min

Housing Material


Operating Temperature

-40 / +100, -20 / +130 °C

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