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Replacement Elements - Low Pressure Filter Moduflow™ Plus Series

The patented Parker Moduflow™ Plus Series Low Pressure In-Line Suction/Return/Duplex Filter element features longer element life, increased dirt-holding capacity and requires fewer element changes, reducing system maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Series: Moduflow, The filter housing series is located on the name plate of the filter assembly.
  • Filter Element Type: Patented elements available in 2 micron to 20 micron elements utilizing the latest in Microglass technology. Water Removal element is also available., Patented drop in element constructed with a metal outer core, nylon endcaps, built-in diverter and bypass valve.
  • Length: Typically the length of the bowls are determined by flow rate resulting in a single or double length element. For futher details, please e-mail Technical Support at HFDtechsupport@parker.com or call 800-253-1258.
  • Seal Material: Nitrile, Ethylene Propylene and Fluorocarbon are available.
  • For Fluid Type: Suitable for Mineral and Petroleum Base oils, and Phosphate Ester on specific model option. For other fluids, please contact Technical Support at HFDtechsupport@parker.com or 800-253-1258

Full Product Description

The patented Parker Moduflow™ Plus Series Low Pressure (In-Line Suction/Return/Duplex) Filter element features a one piece element design with customizable bypass settings. The patented, single-piece design means no loose parts and easier maintenance.

Featuring Microglass III media , the Moduflow™ Plus element is constructed with more pleats to provide 60% more surface area within the same filter housing than many comparable filters - meaning more dirt-holding capacity than many competitors, and less need for replacement.

Using patented Parker Moduflow™ Plus Elements guarantee Parker's quality of filtration. Using aftermarket filters with unknown media quality may save initial cost, but can increase overall costs by requiring more element change outs and potentially causing system downtime. Protect your investment by always buying genuine Parker replacement elements.

Available in multiple mounting styles, Single and Double lengths, and several micron ratings (2, 5, 10, and 20), these patented replacement elements ensure the quality of filtration Parker is known for. For ordering, please refer to the "How to Order" section of the literature or contact a Parker Representative.

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Parts Filter Housing Series Filter Element Length Seal Material
937674Q TFP 20Q Microglass Single Ethylene Propylene
937398Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 05Q Microglass Double Nitrile
937672Q TFP 05Q Microglass Single Ethylene Propylene
937396Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 20Q Microglass Single Nitrile
937403Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 10Q Microglass Single Fluorocarbon
937401Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 02Q Microglass Single Fluorocarbon
937406Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 05Q Microglass Double Fluorocarbon
937678Q TFP 20Q Microglass Double Ethylene Propylene
937408Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 20Q Microglass Double Fluorocarbon
937393Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 02Q Microglass Single Nitrile
937676Q TFP 05Q Microglass Double Ethylene Propylene
937400Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 20Q Microglass Double Nitrile
937671Q TFP 02Q Microglass Single Ethylene Propylene
937673Q TFP 10Q Microglass Single Ethylene Propylene
937397Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 02Q Microglass Double Nitrile
937404Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 20Q Microglass Single Fluorocarbon
937399Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 10Q Microglass Double Nitrile
937395Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 10Q Microglass Single Nitrile
937402Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 05Q Microglass Single Fluorocarbon
940735 RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP Water Removal Single Fluorocarbon
940736 RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP Water Removal Double Fluorocarbon
937394Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 05Q Microglass Single Nitrile
937407Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 10Q Microglass Double Fluorocarbon
940733 RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP Water Removal Single Nitrile
940734 RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP Water Removal Double Nitrile
937405Q RFP/ILP/DILP/TFP 02Q Microglass Double Fluorocarbon
937677Q TFP 10Q Microglass Double Ethylene Propylene
937675Q TFP 02Q Microglass Double Ethylene Propylene