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Portable Diesel Fuel Cart

The Parker Diesel Fuel Cart is the most economical way to protect engines from harm caused by water and particulate contamination. Parker's DFC polishes and recycles diesel and biodiesel mixtures with Parker's FBO-14 fuel filter at 16 GPM (60LPM).

Technical Specifications

  • Flow Rate: 16 Gal/min, 60 L/min
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 V, 60 Hz, 9.6 amps
  • Filter Element Type: Available in 1 micron to 25 micron elements utilizing the latest media technology
  • Maximum Kinematic Viscosity: 200 SUS
  • Minimum Fluid Temperature: 17.5 °F, -8.1 °C
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 150 °F, 66 °C
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: Temperatures greater than 120 F will reduce motor life °F, Temperatures greater than 48.8 C will reduce motor life °C
  • Weight: 107 lb, 48.5 kg
  • Options: none
  • Additional Options: none

Full Product Description

Prefiltering and transferring diesel and biodiesel fuels into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems are ideal ways of protecting your critical assets. The Parker Diesel Fuel filter cart is a portable unit that polishes, cleans up and recycles old or contaminated fuel.

Contamination, both particulate and water, may ingress diesel fuel during processing, transferring and storage. Clogged filters, reduced performance, and corroded injectors in your engine are only a few results of dirty fuel. Diesel fuels should always be filtered before being put into use and after extended storage or when contaminants are suspect. Using a Parker Diesel Fuel Cart is the most economical way to protect your system from the harm that can be caused by contamination.

Parker Portable Diesel Fuel Carts use a rugged industrial rated motor and Parker H series gear pump. The DFC Cart has an output of 16 GPM (60 LPM) which gets the job done fast.

The customer has options available for different types and micron levels of cartridges used in the FBO-14 filter assembly. For most bulk tank polishing/transfer applications a 25 micron will suffice. For fuel polishing on equipment or engine, a 10 micron would be recommended. For removal of water and particulate, a WS is recommended. For the removal of particulate only, a ST is a preferred choice.

Water separator elements remove both particulate and water. This element is required when there is a need to critical contaminants from diesel fuel. Testing has shown the WS 25 micron element is capable of achieving >99.5% single pass particulate removal efficiency.

Silicone treated elements are ideal for removing particulate contaminants. These elements remove critical contaminants like dust, dirt, rust, sand, scale etc…. from fuels. Testing has shown the ST 25 micron elements are capable of achieving >98.8% single pass particulate removal efficiency.

Standard Unit Includes:
• Ready to Use Hose and Wand Assembly Requiring No Additional Hardware
• Hoses are Parker E-Z Form MP 7219 Flexible for Tight Spots and are Kink-Resistant, Preventing Pump Cavitation
• Visual Indicator Notifies User to Change Element
• Heavy Duty, Rugged Frame
• Parker FBO-14 Filter Assembly
• Parker Gear Pump
• Drip Tray helps to keep the Work Area Safe and Clean
• Industrial Brand Name 110V/220V AC motor

• rail
• mining
• marine
• oil & gas
• agriculture
• transportaion
• construction
• stand-by power
• equipment rental locations
• anywhere diesel fuel is used and/or stored

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