Mist Eliminator - PME Series

Parker Airtek's Mist Eliminator is designed to optimize oil removal and ensure extremely low pressure drop, protect against catastrophic air/oil separator failure, and is strong enough to withstand the most arduous operating conditions.

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    Parker Airtek's range of Mist Eliminators is the result of extensive research and development, and many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high efficiency compressed air treatment products. Compressed air purification equipment must have a very low pressure drop, long service life and be strong enough to withstand the most arduous operating conditions. Protection from oil slugs or compressor air/ oil separator failure is essential. Parker Airtek's PME series of Mist Eliminators are specifically designed to meet these demands and will optimize oil removal while ensuring extremely low pressure drop and long service life. Their pressure drop is one of the lowest available at 0.5 psi which is typically 8 psi lower than conventional filters. This provides significant energy savings as on average every 2 psi pressure drop in the system equals a 1% loss in compressor horsepower.
    • Internally epoxy painted (corrosion inhibitor package) - (optional)
    • Optimum protection against catastrophic air/oil separator failure by containing large slugs of oil and condensate, up to 50% of compressor sump capacity, without re-entrainment
    • Incremental differential pressure gauge supplied for field installation - (standard)
    • Condensate drain options
    • Built per ASME Code with CRN registration (U or UM Stamp accordingly)

    • Lifetime and Performance Guarantee - 5 year performance guarantee that the differential pressure will not exceed 1 psid
    • Long service life up to 10 years
    • Ultra low 0.5 psi d
    • Special machine pleated element construction
    • Provides 9-10 times greater filtration surface area
    • Eliminates migration of airflow to area of least resistance, also known as “preferential flow”
    • Strong stainless steel support sleeve construction
    • Eliminates rust and corrosion which can contaminate the system
    • Integral support of the filter media to eliminate bypass of contaminants
    • Tie-rod construction for complete mechanical protection against compressor air/oil separator failure

Performance Characteristics


43, 49, 63, 77, 71, 83, 79, 88, 85, 95, 105, Consult Factory inch
1095, 1235, 1600, 1949, 1806, 2105, 1997, 2225, 2162, 2416, 2664, Consult Factory mm


17 to 35 inch
517, 438, 520, 654, 730, 775, 883, Consult Factory mm


292, 310, 352, 402, 528, 563, 745, 789, 894, 949, 1220, Consult Factory lb
132, 141, 160, 182, 239, 255, 338, 358, 405, 430, 553, Consult Factory kg

Compatible Element

K125MXL, K250MXL, K500MXL, K1000MXL, K1200MXL, K1500MXL, K2000MXL, K3000MXL, K4500MXL, K6000MXL, K8000MXL, K10000MXL, K12000MXL

Maximum Operating Temperature

200 °F
93 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

260 psig
18 barg



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