Medium Pressure Inline Hydraulic Oil Filter – iProtect® GMF Series

The Parker GMF Series is a highly compact, environmentally friendly inline hydraulic oil filter that features a re-usable element core. Capable of flows up to 600 L/min (158 GPM). Maximum allowable operating pressure 70 bar (1,015 psi).

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    The Parker GMF Series is a medium pressure, inline hydraulic oil filter that provides high-efficiency filtration for equipment in demanding environments, including mining, construction, marine, drilling, and agricultural applications. The filter’s highly compact design can save over 500 mm of space envelope when compared to traditional inline hydraulic filters. It also features a reusable element core with patented filtration technology, which reduces waste by up to 50% when compared to conventional filters with non-reusable cores.

    GMF Series filters serve as a highly economical filtration solution in medium pressure range applications (up to 70 bar), where compact envelopes and excellent fatigue pressure ratings are of the utmost importance. Specific examples include (but are not limited to) offline filter loops, machine tools, oil patch drilling equipment, injection molding machines, hydrostatic drive charge pumps, and pilot lines for servo controls.

    Prior to the availability of the GMF Series inline filter, applications such as these were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can or forced into the higher-cost range of high pressure filters. The GMF Series fills this gap and is available with various port connection types, filtration media (2,5,10, and 20 micron), and flow capacities (up to 600 L/min) to meet the unique requirements of customers’ hydraulic circuits.
    Standard available port connection range:
    • G16 up to G32
    • R32

    The GMF Series Inline Hydraulic Oil Filter is designed for use with patented GMF Series Replacement Elements.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Oil and Gas
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Forestry

    • Deck and Mobile cranes
    • Firefighting equipment
    • Forwarders
    • Hydraulic presses
    • Marine steering units
    • Power packs
    • Waste management, dump and fork lift trucks
    • Excavators
    • Harvesters
    • Waste balers
    • Reach stackers
    • Wheeled loaders
    • Drilling equipment
    • Industrial Power units

    • Prevents damaging of hydraulic circuits or machinery done by dirt, sand, dust, metal, etc.
    • Lengthens time in between required maintenance intervals, reduces operating costs, and extends overall equipment/machine operational life.
    • Compact filter design can save over 500 mm of space envelope when compared to traditional inline hydraulic filters.
    • Reusable element core with patented filtration technology reduces waste by up to 50% when compared to conventional filters with non-reusable elements.
    • A “clever” design minimizes the likelihood of installation mistakes.
    • Protected aftermarket to guarantee the use of genuine products to protect equipment/machinery.
    • Provides OEM branding (labelling) opportunities.

    • High efficiency Quantµmfiber™ glass media increases particle capture and dirt holding capacity.
    • Flows rate up to 600 L/in (158 GPM).
    • Pressure rating – up to 70 bar (1,015 psi).
    • Fluorcarbon or nitrile seal material (suitable for use with mineral and vegetable oils, and some synthetic oils).
    • Operating temperature range (dependent on seal material): -20 to +120° C (0 to +250° F).
    • Various indicator types available including visual, electrical or steel plug.
    • Bypass setting: Opening pressure 3.5 bar (or 1.7/5.0 bar).


Performance Characteristics

Flow Rate

0-250 L/min

Mounting Type


Pressure Rating

35-206 bar
501-2999 psi bar

Housing Material


Operating Temperature

-20 / +120, -20 / +100 °C

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