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Exhaust Coalescing Silencer - up to 100 PSIG

Parker Finite's Exhaust Coalescing Silencers (ECS) are 99.97% efficient at removing the oil aerosols from air, and also act as a silencer to lower the dBA levels to below O.S.H.A. requirements.

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    Parker's Finite Filter Operation's ECS are constructed from the same materials that are used in our oil removal coalescing filter elements. Parker Finite's UNI-CAST seamless design ensures media uniformity and strength.  This proven technology provides high coalescing efficiency with low pressure drop.

    The filter media is supported by cylindrical perforated steel retainers both inside and out. These galvanized retainers make for excellent corrosion resistance and give Parker Finite's ECS units high rupture strength in either flow direction. Parker Finite's ECS units can also be used as high efficiency inlet or bypass filters for vacuum pumps, or as breather elements to protect the air above critical process liquids.

    Oil aerosol mist from lubricators and compressors enters the industrial plant environment through the exhaust ports of valves, cylinders, and air motors. Rapidly expanding exhaust from valves, cylinders, and air motors also produces sudden and excessive noise.  

    Parker Finite's ECS's are 99.97% efficient at removing the oil aerosols. The ECS also acts as a silencer to lower the dBA levels below the O.S.H.A. requirements. The result is a cleaner, much quieter environment, which equates to greater work productivity and safety.
    • 99.97% oil removal efficiencies
    • Pressures to 100 PSIG
    • 25 dBA Noise attenuation
    • 1/2" and 1" NPT/BSP
    • 5.3” and 7.3” lengths available

Performance Characteristics

Maximum Operating Temperature

52 °C
125 °F


135, 185 mm


2.57 inch
65 mm

Efficiency Rating

99.97 %

Noise Level

25 dBa reduction dBA



Maximum Operating Pressure

100 psig
7 barg

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