Parker’s Finite J-Series filters are designed to filter contaminants such as rust, pipe scale, compressor lube oil, and water from compressed gases. These filters are often used in high pressure Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems.

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    Parker’s Finite Filter Operation offers a variety of high pressure compressed air and gas filters. With our wide range of elements, we have a solution for every stage of compression, as well as at the point of use. Whether you are storing high pressure air or gas or using a continuous flow, count on Parker to protect your equipment from contamination. Parker Finite is the solution to ending high pressure contamination fouling.
    Parker’s Finite Filter Operation’s J-Series Filters are designed to filter contaminants such as rust, pipe scale, compressor lube oil, and water from compressed gases. These filters are often used in high pressure CNG systems, not only as inter-stage filters in the multi-stage compression of the gas, but also in the storage and delivery of the gas for CNG powered vehicles.
    Parker’s varied media choices remove up to 99.995% of both solid and liquid aerosols, and contaminants as small as 0.01 microns in size. An activated carbon media is also available which removes oil vapor. This stage of filtration is often used as the final filter before the storage of high pressure breathing air used by scuba divers, firefighters, and others who utilize portable breathing devices.
    The filter housings and the replaceable elements used in this product line have an extremely robust construction, specially designed for use in system pressures up to 5,000 psig. Five housing sizes and two thread styles (NPT or SAE) are available with connections ranging from 1/4” to 2”; temperatures up to 350°F, and flows up to 26,000 SCFM at 5,000 PSIG.
    • Robust, spheroidal graphite-cast iron offers higher mechanical strength, improved ductility, and increased shock resistance, assuring the user that this filter is built for the task at hand.
    • Head to bowl bore seal ensures greater seal integrity.
    • Threaded mounting holes on top of filter head allow each size to be easily panel mounted when line mounting is not an option.
    • Engraved flow direction arrow in filter's head notifies the user of proper flow direction. One direction flow for all media choices reduces the possibility of a housing being installed improperly.
    • The spheroidal graphite cast iron head and steel bowl are nickel plated for corrosion resistance. The completed assembly is finished with a UV stable epoxy powder paint that will allow the filter to stand-up to harsh outdoor conditions.
    • An imprinted aluminum part number tag ensures that each unit's identifying information will be visible in the years ahead.
    • SAE-6 steel drain plug with positive O-ring seal installed. This port also allows the easy installation of Finite's JDK5000H or JDK5000V high pressure drain kits which allow the safe removal of liquid contamination at system pressures.
    • Bowls are designed to be easily tightened or loosened with a standard socket wrench.
    • Bowls feature a slotted positional locator which enables the element to be positively retained, therefore having a low bowl removal clearance.
    • Parker Finite offers six filter media grades ensuring that we have the correct media choice for nearly any application requirement.
    • Available are coalescing grades with 95% to 99.995% efficiency and pleated or UNI-CAST coalescing media designs. Additionally, a bulk liquid separator, a particulate removal and oil vapor removal choices are standard offerings.
    • Each element uses a retention clip design that ensures the element is seated and sealed properly. This built-in, fail-safe feature will virtually eliminate any possibility of contaminant by-pass and is unique amongst high pressure filters.
    • Each element is composed of internal and external plated carbon steel retainers which provide the element with a 75+ PSID burst rating. Each element also features a bore seal interface with the housing, an anti-vibration shoulder, and an integrated standoff which minimizes the likelihood of any movement of the element, even during severe system pulsations.
    • Element standoff lengths were designed for each housing size to allow an optimal volume of liquid contaminant to be collected in the filter's quiet zone, further minimizing any chance of contaminant carryover.
    • Test Air for HP Hydraulics
    • Inter-stage HP Compressor
    • CNG Compressor Outlet
    • CNG Storage Cascades
    • CNG Dispensers
    • Breathing Air / SCUBA
    • High Pressure “Ultra-Pure Air”
    • Bulk Liquid Contamination
    • Bulk Solid Contamination
    • HP Air / Gas Dryer Protection
    • Food Applications / Odor Removal

Performance Characteristics

Head Material

Cast Iron (GSJ)

Bowl Type


Plating Type

Nickel Plated


Epoxy Powder Paint

Seal Material


Maximum Operating Temperature

350 °F
175 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

5000 psig
345 bar

Drain Port Size



9.0-67.0 depending on configuration lb
4.1-30.4 depending on configuration kg

Optional Accessories

Horizontal Drain Kit 5000 PSIG (JDK5000H), Vertical Drain Kit 5000 PSIG (JDK5000V), Differential Pressure Gauge and Bracket (BDPI-25)

Compatible Element

J Series Filter Replacement Elements



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