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Xtreme Plus HC - 4 Inch Self Supported Pleated Filter (XPH)

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Airguard® XTREME+Plus® HC (high-capacity) self-supported pleated (SSP) air filters are specially designed for high performance and extended service life in HVAC or process air applications with low or medium dust-holding requirements.

All XTREME+Plus® HC filters achieve MERV 8 mechanical efficiency and feature a state-of-the-art media pack surrounded by a single-piece, beverage board die-cut frame. The filters can endure impact and deformation and return to their original shape, saving users time and money that is often wasted on replacing damaged wire-backed filters.

With over 250 adhesion points between the media and the frame, the XTREME+Plus® HC resists movement, bunching, and collapsing during operation thus supporting a consistent low pressure drop, balanced dust-loading, and extended service life. With no metal to warp or deform and rugged self-supported pleat technology, the filters are capable of maintaining their structural integrity even in humid or wet conditions. XTREME+Plus® HC pleated air filters are not recommended for use in applications with high temperatures or turbulent airflow conditions.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC
Process Air Filtration

Air handling systems
Rooftop units
Side access housings
Built-up filter banks
Pre-filters in multi-stage systems
Not for use in high temperature environments or applications with very high or turbulent airflow

Self-supported media — no metal wire backing means no corrosion or deformation of metal
Consistent pleat shape and spacing allow particulates to collect evenly over the entire surface of the media. Pleat stabilizer straps add rigidity and maintain proper pleat spacing.
Over 250 adhesion points between the media and the frame
Achieves MERV 8 mechanical efficiency
Synthetic media is resistant to moisture, mold, and mechanical damage
Fully incinerable, environmentally friendly disposal
Filtration efficiency: MERV 8, MERV-A 8-A
Nominal thickness (in.): 1, 2, 4
Rated air velocities (fpm): 300–500
Air flow rates (cfm): 415–2,170
Initial resistance (in.w.g.): 0.13–0.18
Final resistance (in.w.g.): 1.0
Maximum operating temperature: 150 °F (65 °C)
Material of construction: moisture-resistant beverage board frame
Classified per UL 900 for flammability only

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