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Xtreme Plus - 2 Inch Self Supported Pleated Filter (XP)

Airguard® XTREME+Plus®(MERV 8) self-supported,pleated filters offer extreme durability and extended service life in applications with low and medium dust-loading conditions.Available in two thicknesses(1 or 2-in).Air flows ranging from 415–2,170 cfm.

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The XTREME+Plus® standard-capacity, self-supported pleated (SSP) air filter with Airguard® technology achieves MERV 8 mechanical efficiency and provides low pressure drop and industry-leading dust-holding capacity.

The filter has over 140 adhesion points between the media and the die cut frame. The inside of the frame is completely coated with water-repellant adhesive to ensure a solid bond at all points of contact with the media pack. The pack is sealed inside the frame and pleat tips are bonded to the stabilizers and diagonal support members. This prevents movement, bunching, and collapsing during operation, which can often cause alternative filter products to fail prematurely. With no metal wire backing to warp or deform, along with a single-piece, heavy-duty beverage board frame and rugged self-supported pleat technology, the XTREME+Plus® filter is capable of maintaining its performance and structural integrity in wet or humid conditions. This saves users time and money that is often wasted on replacing damaged wire-backed filters.

XTREME+Plus® pleated air filters are designed for use in commercial HVAC applications with normal operating environments and low to medium dust loading conditions. They are not recommended for use in high-temperature or turbulent-airflow environments.
For XTREME+Plus® air filters with a lower initial resistance (in. w.g.), see the XTREME+Plus® HC (high-capacity).

Commercial and Industrial HVAC
Process Air Filtration

Air handling systems
Rooftop units
Side access housings
Built-up filter banks
Pre-filters in multi-stage systems
Not for use in high temperature environments or applications with very high or turbulent airflow

Self-supported media — no metal wire backing means no corrosion or deformation of metal
Consistent pleat shape and spacing allow particulates to collect evenly over the entire surface of the media. Pleat stabilizer straps add rigidity and maintain proper pleat spacing.
Over 140 adhesion points between the media and the frame
Achieves MERV 8 mechanical efficiency
Synthetic media is resistant to moisture, mold, and mechanical damage
Fully incinerable, environmentally friendly disposal

Filtration efficiency: MERV 8, MERV-A 8-A
Nominal thickness (in.): 1, 2
Rated air velocities (fpm): 300–500
Air flow rates (cfm): 415–2170
Initial resistance (in.w.g.): 0.15–0.22
Final resistance (in.w.g.): 1.0
Maximum operating temperature: 150 °F (65 °C)
Material of construction: single-piece, moisture-resistant, beverage board frame
Classified per UL 900 for flammability only

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