Well Head Sand Filter

The Well Head Sand Filter Unit is designed to remove sand and other solid particles to prevent clogging and erosion.

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    Parker Twin Filter provides a Well Head Sand Filter unit, which is designed to remove sand and other solid particles from well effluent to prevent clogging and erosion of downstream equipment. When needed the unit should be located after the well and upstream the three-phase separator. The sand filter can be offered as a skid mounted unit, including frame, platform, lifting device (Davit), valves, instruments and interconnecting piping with by-pass and drain. The unit is also available as last step guard filter. Please contact us for more information.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Simple and robust.
    • Fluctuation in flow or concentration will not effect efficiency.
    • Several micron ratings.

    • Well testing
    • Water injection (Well Head Guard Filter)

    • Skid mounted
    • Quick opening / closure
    • Sand Collector (dump vessel)
    • Different materials
    • Design to specifications

    Unit Range:
    • Single Vessel
    • Dual Vessel

Performance Characteristics


Twin Filter



Typical Application

Service Company / Oil Company

Materials of Construction

Stainless Steel 316L / Carbon Steel / High Alloys / Others on request

Filtration Efficiency

25-1000 micron

Maximum Working Temperature (F)

660°F (350°C)

Minimum Operating Pressure (psi)

10,000 psi (700 bar)