Turbo Soak Back

To ensure lubrication of the turbo charger prior to an engine start, Turbo Soak Back oil filters offer cost effective protection for locomotives and other turbo charged diesel engines. Our solutions form a first line of defense to remove contaminants.

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    Clean lubricating oil is more critical than ever to protect today's turbo charger of diesel engines including Tier 4 models from premature wear. Parker filtration solutions form a first line of defense to remove the contaminants that build up during storage and transfer of engine lubricating oil, providing enhanced protection the turbo charger.

    The turbo soak back oil filter housing combines improved filtering to assure maximum turbo charge protection under the full range of severe operating condition encountered in operations in all types of environments and applications. The benefits are: improved oil flow, better filtration efficiency greater protection, easy to install and simple to maintain. These advantages alone make the Parker turbo soak back oil filter housing the practical way to upgrade lube oil filtering.

    The Parker turbo soak back oil filter and replacement filter elements provide significantly enhanced removal of the fine contaminants that are the most damaging to the turbo charger.  The models 100 and 100HE elements also provides superior wear protection to the components of the soak back oil system, and saving overall costs.


    • Robust construction
    • Easy opening and maintenance accessible
    • Minimized tubing
    • Horizontal or vertical models
    • Single and dual vessel models with integrated bypass valve
    • Available In Mild Steel , Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
    • Custom design and manufacturing
    • Integrated features of monitoring available


    • Turbo soak back oil systems in 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines
    • Standby diesel generator sets
    • Marine engines

Performance Characteristics

Model Number

21TAF, 21TAC


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


Turbo Charge Lube Filter

Exterior Coating

Alkyed Top Coat

Pressure Rating (psi)

From 50 (psi) to 200 (psi)

Operating Temperature (C)

From -29 to 149 (c)

Operating Temperature (F)

From -20 to 300 (f)

Flow Rate

From 5 to 40 (gpm)


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Outside Diameter (inch)

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Outside Diameter (mm)

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Railroad and Marine