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Turbo Exhaust Manifolds

Parker provides reliable exhaust manifolds as well as complete turbo manifold kits for turbocharged engines. Kits include gaskets, expansion joints, and hardware required for a complete change.

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    A Turbo Exhaust Manifold is a chamber into which the exhaust from each of the multiple cylinders is collected. The exhaust gases are directed out through the turbo nozzle, then through the turbo screen, and out through an exhaust stack. A turbo exhaust manifold also works in conjunction with other devices to prevent the toxic exhaust fumes from sneaking into the vehicle and causing harm to the engine. It is very important to have the exhaust manifold to be in good working order, to prevent system downtimes, expensive repair costs, and even possible fines.

    DESIGN FEATURES – A number of new design features have reduced the potential for leaking noxious exhaust gases. All interconnected manifolds utilize Parker Flex-Joints rather than band clamps which have a tendency to leak. Parker Flex-Joints offer extended service life without the metal fatigue problems or ordinary joints. Thicker base plates eliminate warpage problems and resulting leaks.

    COMPLETE SYSTEM – Parker manifolds for turbocharged engines provide cost savings, fast availability and highest quality. Also available from Parker: replacement exhaust manifolds, components, Turbo Screens, Nozzles, Inspection Port Kits, Flex-Joints, non-asbestos high memory gaskets and grade 8 bolts.

    Parker turbo manifolds can be shipped completely assembled and mounted on a shipping beam, with a spreader-type lifting mechanism that permits rapid installation of the entire manifold assembly at one time.

    Available in multiple designs to meet individual needs, resulting in faster, easier servicing.


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Exhaust Manifold


High Temprature Paint

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