Replacement Parts and Kits – Racor Turbine Series

Racor offers a wide range of replacement kits and parts for Turbine Series filter manifolds and housings.

chemicalComposition WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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    Racor offers a wide range of replacement kits and parts for Turbine Series filter manifolds and housings. This Part Selector finds available "RK" type (Racor Kit) Turbine Series replacement part numbers according to the kit type and filter housing.

    How to find your part:
    Step 1: Identify the Racor Turbine Series housing part number that you need replacement parts for. If unsure, refer to “CUT” sheets.

    Step 2: Next, select the “Component Type” in the selector.
    Parts for individual housing include:
    • Bowl and Drain
    • Centrifuge Parts / Checkball
    • Heater
    • Housing and Bracket
    • Seal
    • T-Handle/Lid
    Parts for manifolded units (two or more housings on a mounting bracket) include:
    • Bowl and Drain
    • Housing and Bracket
    • Gauge
    • Tube/Pipe
    • Valve

    Step 3: Refine your search by choosing the “Kit Type” in the part selector.
    Step 4: Find the proper Turbine “Filter Housing Series” in the selector.
    Step 5: Clear form and repeat to find other replacement parts.

    Notes on use:

    • For additional information, see the "Tech Specifications" tab after part selection, and refer to "CUT" sheets found on the "Product Support" tab.
    • Racor does not supply fittings. Fittings must be purchased from other suppliers.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Power Generation
    • Oil and Gas

    • Diesel and Biodiesel Engines

Performance Characteristics

Product Series

Racor Turbine Manifold and Housing parts




Depends on part selected


Depends on part selected

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  • Literature and Reference Materials

  • 19512 Rev A (Filter Assembly Valve Stem Repair Kit)
  • 11-1701 Rev B (RK 11-1699 Heater Feedthru Kit)
  • 11-2004 Rev - (300 Watt Heater Kits)
  • 11-2022 Rev A (100 Watt Heater Kits)
  • 12960 Rev D (900FH and 1000FH Turbine Series Instructions)
  • 14402 Rev - (15432 Gasket Pack Instructions)
  • 15212 Rev B (500 Series Seal Kit)
  • 15332 Rev G (500FG Turbine Series)
  • 15426 Rev - (Fuel Primer Pump on Manifold Turbines)
  • Racor 11-1405 - RK 11-1404 Seal KitFor 900 or 1000 FE, FF, FG, FH and MASeries Fuel Filter/Water Separators
  • Racor 11-2022 - 100W Heater Kits - RK15438-01 or RK15440-01 (12 VDC) & RK15438-02 or RK15440-02 (24 VDC) For 500FG Turbine
  • Racor 12960 - Turbine Series900FH and 1000FHFuel Filter/Water Separators
  • Racor 14356 - (Turbine Series 900/1000) Primer Pump KitsRKP1912 (12 vdc) and RKP1924 (24 vdc)
  • Racor 14481 - T-Handle Seal Kit #23328 for Turbine Series (Instructions)
  • Racor 15332 - 500FG Turbine SeriesFuel Filter/Water Separator
  • Racor 15335 - 500MA/MAM Turbine Series(for marine applications)Fuel Filter/Water Separator
  • Racor 15426 - (Turbine Series 900/1000) Multiplex Priming PumpRKP1912 (12 vdc) RKP1924 (24 vdc)
  • Racor 19523 -75/791000FHV and 75/791000MAV Series Fuel Filter / Water Separators for Gasoline or Diesel Powered Engines
  • Racor 19526 - 900MA/MAM and 1000MA/MAM(for marine applications)Fuel Filter/Water Separator
  • Racor 19531 - 73, 75, 77 and 79 Series manifolded Fuel Filter / Water Separtors for Marine Diesel or Gasoline Powered Engines
  • Racor 19536 - 75900MAX or MAXM and 751000MAX or MAXM Marine Fuel Filter/Water Separators
  • Racor 7734 - Instructions Turbine Rebuild
  • Racor RSL0288 - 500FG Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0292 - 900FH-1000FH Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0312 - 75500FGX Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0313 - 75500MAX-MAXM-MAXP Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0314 - 75900-1000FHX Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0315 - 75900-1000MAX-MAXM-MAXP Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0317 - 731000FH Cut Sheet
  • Racor RSL0317 - 731000FH Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0323 - 731000MA-MAM Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0324 - 771000MA-MAM Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0326 - 771000FH Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0338 - 751000MAV-MAVM Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0339 - 791000FHV Cutsheet
  • Racor RSL0340 - 791000MAV-MAVM Cutsheet
  • Racor--500MA-500MAM Cutsheet--RSL0289
  • Racor--900-1000MA-MAM Cutsheet--RSL0293
  • Racor--Fuel Filtration Products--7529
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