Fulflo TruBind 300 Sorbent Filter Cartridge | For demanding hydrocarbon removal applications

Parker Fulflo® TruBind™ 300 absorbent filter cartridges utilize a modified polymeric absorbent that economically and effectively reduces trace hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous fluids.

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    Parker Fulflo® TruBind™ absorbent filter cartridges utilize a modified polymeric absorbent that economically and effectively reduces trace hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous fluids. The enhanced polymer, configured in a radial-flow-design filter cartridge, provides maximum utilization of available surface area. This product can be used alone or as an enhancement to other systems. Whether process fluid reclamation or meeting disposal requirements is the goal, TruBind can solve many demanding hydrocarbon-contaminated aqueous fluid problems.
    • Increases machine tool life when installed at point-of-use
    • Increases working life of valuable process fluids
    • Reduces hydrocarbon levels to meet EPA discharge regulations
    • Absorbed hydrocarbon is chemically bound by polymer and is not leachable
    • Absorbent polymer is enhanced to maximize utilization of surface area
    • Radial flow design of cartridge allows maximum flow with minimal pressure drop
    • High integrity construction withstands harsh process environment
    • Variety of cartridge sizes & end cap options increase housing selection
    • TruBind cartridges are completely incinerable
    • Parker’s Total Quality Management (TQM) system assures consistent and reliable performance
    • Water Soluble Machine Filtration
    • Filtration for Alkaline Parts Washing
    • Industrial Discharge Water Filtration
    • Produced Water Disposal Filtration
    • E-Coat Paint Filtration
    • Post Oil/Water Separator Filtration
    • Compressor Condensate Filtration
    • Car & Truck Wash Water Filtration
    • Plating Bath Filtration
    • Gas & Oil Facility Wastewater Filtration

Performance Characteristics


Industrial / Oil and Gas


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Filter Construction

Proprietary modified polymer

Outside Diameter

2-1/2 inch

Inside Diameter

1-1/6 inch

Filter Type

Hydrocarbon absorptive

End Cap Material


Core Type


Flow Rate

Max. 1 GPM per 10 inch

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