Spark Arrestor Kit

Parker provides reliable Spark Arrestors for large diesel engines. Delivering efficiencies over 95%, these Spark Arrestor exhaust manifolds are true performance boosters.

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    A safe, properly operating exhaust system has never been as important as it is today. Exhaust leaks pose a potential hazard to workers and may sometimes impair engine performance. The Federal Railway Administration (FRA) inspects systems thoroughly for leaks. If equipment fails inspection, the railroad may be fined and/or the locomotive ordered out of service.

    Exhaust sparks have long been recognized as a source of ignition for forest and brush fires. The U.S. forestry service requires railroads operating roots blown locomotive engines to use approved spark arrestors as a fire prevention measure.

    Though these safety issues are of vital concern, compliance can be both costly and difficult. To help meet the challenge, Parker offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help railroads meet FRA, U.S. forestry service and other standards.

    It is very important to have the exhaust manifold to be in good working order to prevent system downtimes, expensive repair costs, and even possible fines.

    Design Features – A number of new design features have reduced the potential for leaking noxious exhaust gases. All interconnected manifolds utilize Parker flex-joints rather than band clamps which have a tendency to leak. Parker flex-joints offer extended service life without the metal fatigue problems or ordinary joints. Thicker base plates eliminate warpage problems and resulting leaks.

    Trap type Spark Arrestors must have a method for removal of accumulated carbon particles, for improved maintenance ease. Three spark trap designs are available from Parker to meet individual needs:
    • Removable trap assembly
    • Removable front plate
    • Bottom cap style

    Two Configurations – Parker Spark Arrestor exhaust manifolds are offered in two basic configurations, a four-stack design with individual manifolds and stacks, and a two-stack manifold with Parker flex-joint connectors.

    Four-stack manifold configuration benefits include a lower initial cost, easier installation and service, and the elimination of expansion joints. The four-stack design decreases back pressure significantly, reducing brake specific fuel consumption, and lowering operating temperatures for prolonged engine life.

    Two-stack manifold configuration benefits include Parker flex-joint connectors and requires only two hatch openings.
    COMPLETE SYSTEM – Parker Spark Arrestor exhaust manifolds for large diesel engines provide cost savings, fast availability, and the highest quality. Shipped completely assembled and ready to install and available in multiple design configurations, Parker Spark Arrester exhaust manifolds are performance boosters.

    • Provide cost savings
    • Utilize Parker flex-joints as opposed to band clamps
    • Reduce the potential for leaking noxious exhaust gases
    • Meet FRA, U.S. forestry service, and other standards

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