Smart Cycle Plus Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers - SCP Series

Smart Cycle Plus Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers continuously adapt to actual operating conditions and ensure dewpoint control. They boast advanced technical solutions that provide reliability, efficiency and energy savings, making it the ideal solution.

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    The Next Generation - Full cycling mode results in dryer air than conventional dryers
    The Smart Cycle Plus configuration combines the advantages of superior performance and energy savings with the oil removal efficiency of a built-in, multi-stage separator/cold coalescer. By locating the coalescing filter at the coldest point in the air system, filtration efficiency is greatly enhanced, and because of a pre-separation of bulk contaminants prior to entering the element(s), pressure drop and operating costs are dramatically reduced.
    • Best in class dewpoint performance
    • Tri Mode Operation allows dryer to operate in cycling, non-cycling or auto mode.
    • Unlimited cycling due to unloaded “soft start”
    • Multi-stage separation and filtration
    • Level actuated drain
    • Diagnostic readouts indicate need for service
    • Drain light
    • Alarm light
    • Displays in English or Metric
    • Serial Port with MODBUS
    • Digital readout air in temperature
    • Digital readout ambient or water in temperature
    • High inlet temperature warning
    • High ambient or water in temperature warning
    • Optional Control Center

    • Lower dewpoint temperature achieved with Smart Cycle Plus results in cleaner operation
    • Longer lasting components
    • Upstream malfunction that results in more severe inlet conditions can be readily handled without resulting in downstream problems
    • Lower operating costs, with no sacrifice in performance
    • Dryer runs only as needed
    • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
    • Tube and shell heat exchanger with grooved tube sheets provide greatest mechanical strength and lowest pressure drop
    • Patented flood level control protects refrigeration circuit

Performance Characteristics


Parker Airtek

Pre-installed Optional Accessories

Air Cooled Unit

Connection Type

3" Flg, 4" Flg, 6" Flg

Maximum Flow Rate (m³/h)

2123.76, 2718.42, 3482.97, 4247.53, 5097.03

Rated Inlet Pressure (psi)


Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)

200, 150

Minimum Operating Pressure (psi)


Maximum Operating Temperature (F)


Minimum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)


Minimum Ambient Temperature (F)




Weight (lb)

1850, 2200, 3000, 3370, 4015

Width (inch)

74, 78, 102, 108

Depth (inch)

41, 48, 54, 66

Height (inch)

65, 72, 76, 85

Prefilter Part Number

JL1250-C, JL1600-C, JL2000-C, JL2600-C, JL3000-C

After Filter Part Number

JL1250-F, JL1600-F, JL2000-F, JL2600-F, JL3000-F

Prefilter Replacement Element

JE-C1600, JE-C2000, JE-C3000

Afterfilter Replacement Element

JE-F1600, JE-F2000, JE-F3000

Installed Condensate Drain

Integral Level Actuated Energy Saving Drain

Dryer Technology

Compressed Air – Refrigerated


1200 – 3000 scfm Cycling Dryers – Air Cooled

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