Sentinel Compact Oil Purifier

The Parker Sentinel features automatic operation, which minimizes energy consumption while extending the usable life of fluids. This compact vacuum dehydrator provides flexibility to the user allowing for operation in areas where space is at a premium.

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    When an issue is diagnosed, which goes beyond your standard preventive measures, the Sentinel can be just the therapy your system needs. The harmful effects of contaminants in hydraulic oils are established. Maintaining a hydraulic system's fluid cleanliness level will increase the life of the critical wear components, and reduce system downtime. Portable purification units are ideal for systems in applications demanding on-site decontamination. Delivering big results in a compact, lightweight package, the Sentinel is the latest in fluid purification technology from Parker.

    The Sentinel is equipped with Parker's IQAN MD3 platform control system, an electronic PLC interface that controls many of the operating functions on this vacuum dehydrator. The IQAN MD3 provides user confidence in system monitoring, while delivering maximum performance on demand. With the IQAN MD3, the operator can customize set points for various applications within their facility, including: sample rate, temperature, and energy conservation features.

    The Sentinel protects mission critical hydraulic and lubrication systems by effectively attacking the potential contaminants (water, solids and gases) while improving equipment health, productivity and reliability. Water is one of the most common contaminants in a fluid system and one of the most damaging. The Sentinel removes both free and dissolved water contamination from hydraulic fluids.

    Principles of Operation:
    Contaminated fluid is drawn through the Sentinel circuit by a vacuum. The fluid is then subjected to optimum vacuum, temperature, and maximum surface area exposure. The optimum temperature is achieved using a low watt density heater. The maximum surface area is accomplished by passing the fluid through a unique diffusing column. This process reduces the boiling point of water and converts water into water vapor.

    The fluid is protected from excessive heat by using circulation for a fixed period of time. When the pre-set time period has completed, the fluid is passed through the high efficiency filtration portion of the system, and is discharged into the main system reservoir. The water vapor that has been extracted from the system is then exposed to a series of coalescers, which eliminates any remaining oil vapor within the exhaust system.

    The entire process repeats until the desired steady state condition is achieved.

    Designed for Use in The Following Markets:
    • Automotive
    • Power Generation
    • Marine
    • Petrochemical
    • Aerospace
    • Mining

    Standard Unit Includes:
    • Dry sealed vacuum pump
    • Coalescing filter
    • 5 micron Ecoglass III element
    • 6KW 3 phase low watt density heater
    • 3” diameter rubber-wheel casters
    • Please consult factory for other options

    Features and Benefits:
    • Compact Size
    • Automatic Operation
    • Desiccant Breather
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Reverse Phase Switch
    • Ecoglass Particulate Element
    • Diffusion Head / Manifold
    • Forklift Guides / Lifting Eyes


Performance Characteristics

Flow Rate

5 Gal/min
19 L/min

Electrical Requirements

Various 3-phase voltages available ranging from 230-460 VAC depending on model number

Filter Element Type

Filter media is a 5 micron patented element utilizing the latest in Ecoglass technology

Maximum Kinematic Viscosity

2150 SUS

Minimum Fluid Temperature

-40 °F
-40 °C

Maximum Fluid Temperature

180 °F
82.2 °C

Maximum Ambient Temperature

Temperatures greater than 120 °F will reduce motor life
Temperatures greater than 48.8 C will reduce motor life °C


440 lb
200 kg

Seal Material


Minimum Operating Capacity

5 gal
18.9 L

Inlet Port Size

3/4" JIC 12 12 (male), 22 L Metric

Outlet Port Type

3/4" JIC 12 12 (male), 22 L Metric

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