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Replacement Elements - Tank Mounted Return Line Filter BGT Series

Parker BGT Filter Series feature pre-filtration by means of a magnet column and Patented LEIF elements with flow rates up to 640 GPM/2400LPM and 150PSI/10Bar. Leif elements with reusable metal sleeve are patented and safeguard the use of genuine parts.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Series: BGT, The filter housing series is located on the name plate of the filter assembly.
  • Filter Element Type: Available in 2 micron to 20 micron elements utilizing the latest in Leif® Microglass technology., Patented Leif elements and Microglass Cartridge replacement elements
  • Length: BGT Filter Series come in one length.
  • Seal Material: Nitrile
  • For Fluid Type: Suitable for mineral and vegetables oils, and some synthetic oils. For other fluids, please contact Technical Support at HFDtechsupport@parker.com or 800-253-1258

Full Product Description

BGT tank mounted filters are available with multiple ports and flow from the inside to out. The cast aluminum head has compact profile which is lighter in weight and provides for smaller envelope for sizing. The Magnetic pre-filtration removes ferrous particles, even during times of bypass, and extends the element life.

BGT Filters feature Parker's exclusive Magnetic Prefiltration core which collects ferromagnetic particles from fluid upstream of the filter element. This feature alone could save hundreds of dollars a year by protecting costly equipment from increased wear and malfunction by assuring that the fluid is as pure as possible when it leaves the filter. Even during bypass due to cold start up, ferrous contaminant is collected by the magnetic core, a feature of importance on any fluid power system.

Fluid passes through the element in an inside-to-outside direction, collecting particles inside the filter cartridge. This eliminates reinjection of contaminant during element change. Clean fluid then returns to the reservoir through the diffusor which prevents fluid aeration.

Using genuine Parker BGT Tank Mounted Filter Series replacement elements guarantees Parker's quality of filtration. Using aftermarket filters with unknown media quality may save initial cost, but can increase overall costs by requiring more element change outs and potentially causing system downtime. Protect your investment by always buying genuine Parker replacement elements.

Available in a wide variety of filter sizes and several micron ratings (2, 5, 10, and 20), these replacement elements ensure the quality of filtration Parker is known for. For ordering, please refer to the “How to Order” section of the literature or contact a Parker Representative.

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Part Filter Housing Series Filter Element Length Seal Material
937834Q BGT-13 02Q Leif® Microglass n/a Nitrile
937769Q BGT-17 05Q Microglass n/a Nitrile
937836Q BGT-14 02Q Leif® Microglass n/a Nitrile
937736Q BGT-17 02Q Microglass n/a Nitrile
937832Q BGT-11 02Q Leif® Microglass n/a Nitrile