Replacement Elements - High Pressure Filter WPF Series

Parker engineers have developed what soon will be the industry standard in high pressure hydraulic filtration. The 7,000 psi WPF series incorporates many advanced features designed for one reason: to improve your bottom line.

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    Parker’s World Pressure Filter (WPF) Series offers an innovative alternative to conventional high pressure and reverse flow filters. The WPF design incorporates all the benefits of Wireglass media along with a unique reverse flow and bypass valve arrangement.

    There is no better high pressure filter available today for durability and performance. The reduction of your operating costs is our primary concern, and we are committed to contributing towards your success.

    Using the genuine Parker World Pressure Filter (WPF) Series replacement elements guarantees Parker’s quality of filtration. Using aftermarket filters with unknown media quality may save initial cost, but can increase overall costs by requiring more element change outs and potentially causing system downtime. Protect your investment by always buying genuine Parker replacement elements.

    Available in several micron ratings (2, 5, and 10), these patented replacement elements ensure the quality of filtration Parker is known for. For ordering, please refer to the “How to Order” section of the literature or contact a Parker Representative.


Performance Characteristics

Filter Housing Series


Filter element

Patented elements available in 2 micron to 10 micron patented elements utilizing the latest in Microglass technology .


WPF Filter Series come in one length.

Seal Material

Nitrile, Ethylene Propylene and Fluorocarbon are available.

Fluid Compatibility

Suitable for Mineral and Petroleum Base oils, and Phosphate Ester on specific model option. For other fluids, please contact Technical Support at HFDtechsupport@parker.com or 800-253-1258

Element Type

Coreless construction, fiberglass media, synthetic end caps. High collapse elements feature fiberglass media, steel core, aluminum top cap and tin plated steel bottom cap

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