Cartridge Engine Air Filters – Racor ECO TL Series

Racor ECO TL Series Engine Air Filters ensure delivery of clean, purified air into gasoline and diesel engines. The filters feature a highly compact and rugged design, allowing for safe, trouble-free operation in heavy-duty applications.

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    For equipment that operates in high-dust environments, plugged filters are a costly problem that can lead to decreased power output, reduced fuel economy, and shortened engine component life.

    The Racor ECO TL Series is a line of heavy-duty cartridge engine air filters designed and built to meet the demanding requirements of agricultural, construction, turf care, forestry, and mining applications. The filter’s engineered media removes 99.9% of contaminants from the air and provides exceptional performance and reliability in harsh environments, where excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, and unclean air can wreak havoc on critical engine components.

    ECO TL Series filters are highly compact and come available in a variety of configurations, making them suitable for use with any engine or application. The air filters have cartridge replacement elements and most have secondary safety elements. In filters where secondary elements are not standard, they can be included as an option.

    How it works:
    ECO-TL Series Air Cleaners improve engine fuel economy, increase power output, and protect critical engine components from damaging air particulates. Air flows through the tangential inlet, which causes it to spin inside the housing, separating the heaviest contaminants (dust, water, dirt, insects and other debris) from the air stream. These contaminants are then discharged automatically through an integral evacuator valve. Only pre-cleaned air flows to the air filter element, greatly extending its service life.
    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Power Generation
    • Oil and Gas
    • Transportation
    • Forestry
    • Mining

    • Gasoline
    • Diesel

    • Ensures delivery of clean, purified air into gasoline and diesel engines. This allows the engine to breathe easier, resulting in increased power, torque, and fuel economy.
    • Reduces downtime, prolongs engine, filter, and turbocharger life
    • Innovative design features a low profile twist locking mechanism, which reduces the clearance required for filter change-outs.
    • Twist lock design with no external clips or latches takes up less space than competitive designs.

    • Integrated filter restriction indicator port with optional restriction indicator
    • Straight or 90° outlet, 360° adjustable rotation, and port for vacuum indicator
    • Evacuation valve allows accumulated water and dust to drain
    • Polished stainless steel mounting bracket built to withstand corrosive environments
    • Industry-standard urethane radial seal replacement element design
    • Durable high-efficiency, high-capacity cellulose media
    • Working temperature -40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F)
    • UL flame retardant filters available
    • Fits engines up to 175 hp (up to 325 cfm).
    • Stainless steel corrosion-resistant mounting bracket

Performance Characteristics





Series Type

Cartridge Air


Engineering Plastic



Filtered Medium

Engine Air

Air Flow (cfm)

Air flow cfm at range of inches of water depending on product selected

Replacement Element

Replacement elements depend on product selected

Afterfilter Replacement Element

Afterfilter (Safety Element) depends on product selected


Vacuum Indicator: depends on product selected

Accessory Type

Rain Cap: depends on product selected

Element Removal Clearance

7.25 inches / 184 mm, to 15.5 inches / 394 mm, depending on product selected