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Racor Portable Fuel Filtration Carts are high-efficiency mobile filtration systems that clean fuel by removing water and contaminants that make their way into tanks during handling, transfer, and storage.

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    No matter how carefully gasoline and diesel are refined and handled, contaminants will find their way into fuel during transfer and storage. Water is an engine's primary enemy and can condense directly from air during normal day/night heating and cooling cycles. The presence of water facilitates microbial growth, which leads to fouling, increased corrosion, and damage to fuel system components. Additionally, rust particles and chips from corroding tanks and piping, as well as air-blown silica and dirt, can lead to clogged filters, reduced combustion efficiency, and even engine failure.
    Racor Filter Carts are portable field service maintenance tools that help to ensure the performance and reliability of modern diesel and combustion engines by removing water and contaminants that often make their way into fuel during handling, transfer, and storage. The carts serve as an invaluable preventative maintenance tool and are ideal for use with generator sets that have integrated base tanks or day tanks, where fuel has been stored long-term and may have degraded from water and particulate contamination.
    Racor offers two models of portable fuel filtration carts:
    FC-10-01 CLEANDiesel Filter Caddy – The FC-10-01 is used to clean fuel that has been stored in small fuel tanks for extended periods of time. Typical applications are generator base tanks, generator day tanks, and small bulk storage tanks up to 2,000 gallons. Racor Filter Caddys are fully portable and self-contained. They include the FBO-14 fuel filter, which does not require any tools for filter change-outs and offers replacement filter options for various applications. The carts can easily be moved at the jobsite by one person. They include a 10 gpm (37.9 lpm) pump and filter system built into a wheeled enclosure. The system utilizes a 40-mesh strainer and 5-micron water coalescing filter, along with a control panel featuring water detection, filter gauge, and alarm.

    FC-20-1-120V and FC-20-1-120V-KIT Heavy-Duty Fuel Polishing Cart – FC-20-1 Fuel Polishing carts can process fuel at up to 20 gpm (76 lpm). The carts come equipped with 1-inch cam-lock fittings, which allow for for easy connection. They also feature an open-frame aluminum design, which affords them a unique combination of mobility, durability, and corrosion resistance. Like the FC-10-01, the FC-20-1-120V cart includes an FBO-14 fuel filter, which does not require any tools for filter change-outs and offers replacement filter options for a wide range of applications. The unit serves as a highly cost-effective way to filter diesel, mixtures of biodiesel, and other petroleum hydrocarbon fluids in storage or transport.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Power Generation
    • Oil and Gas
    • Marine

    • Diesel and Biodiesel
    • Kerosene
    • Gasoline
    • Heating Oil

    • Removes free water that often collects in fuel tanks and drums. Free water formation occurs when humid air inside a container or tank cools to the point that water condenses out of the air.
    • Removes hard particles (e.g., sand and silica) present in air that are introduced during transfer and distribution.
    • Saves time and money by eliminating unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime from system component failure.
    • Mobile design allows for easy use in the field

    FC-10-01 CLEANDiesel Filter Caddy

    • Portable enclosure, aluminum construction, painted safety-yellow
    • Equipped with wheels, feet and handle
    • Top control panel with protective cover and storage bin for hoses and wands
    • 10 foot supply and return hoses along with 3 foot wands
    • ¾-inch inlet and outlet ball valves and quick-disconnect couplings
    • 10 gpm, ½ hp 120V cast iron gear pump
    • Motor control relay and run/stop pushbuttons
    • 18-inch cord with plug, 120V, 15A
    • 40-mesh basket strainer with vacuum gauge
    • Racor FBO 5-micron water coalescing separator with collection sump and water detection sensor
    • 6 gallon holding tank with float switch
    • Neon indicators: power-on, holding tank full, and water collection full

    FC-20-1-120V and FC-20-1-120V-KIT heavy duty Fuel Polishing Carts

    • Up to 20 gpm (76 lpm) flow rate
    • Durable aluminum frame construction with drip pan
    • Large back wheels with locking front casters
    • 1-inch cam-lock connections for service hoses and probes
    • Racor FBO 10-micron water coalescing separator
    • Filter mounted gauge shows differential pressure for filter element change-out indication
    • Sight glass and drain valve to see and remove collected water
    • Bypass valve for filter element change-out while in operation or for fluid transfer only
    • FC-20-1-120V-KIT: comes complete with two 25-foot hoses, two 4-foot probes, and one 25-foot power cord (FC-20-1-120V: Order hoses, probes, power cord separately)

Performance Characteristics

Product Series

Clean Diesel



For Fluid Type

Hydrocarbon Fuels

Filter Element Type

Water Separator
FBO 60356 included, FBO 60337 included

Micron Rating

10, 5 μm

Compatible Element

FBO 60356 or FBO 60337 (depending on part selected) or other FBO element type depending on appliction needs

Flow Rate

64 to 76 or 37.5 depending on part selected L/min

Maximum Pressure Differential

Clean DP=2.5 psid. Change DP=30 psid psi

Inlet Port Size

1" cam-lock or 3/4" quick disconnects depending on part selected

Outlet Port Type

1" cam-lock or 3/4" quick disconnects depending on part selected

Input Power

115 VAC @ 15 A

Input Supply Voltage

115 VAC @ 15 A

Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psi
1034 kPa


33.3 or 42.6 depending on product selected inch
84.6 or 108 depending on product selected cm


23.7 or 30 depending on product selected inch
60.2 or 76 depending on product selected cm


26 or 28 depending on product selected inch
66 or 71 depending on product selected cm


95 or Call Racor, depending on product selected lb
43 or Call Racor, depending on product selected kg

Maximum Fluid Temperature

100 °F
38 °C

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