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Portable Filtration System Guardian Series

Parker's Guardian Portable Transfer Unit is a hand-held unit designed to filter new fluids, and polish the existing fluids in a system to reduce contamination levels. Lightweight and compact, ideal for one person operation and on-site conditioning.

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    New fluid is not necessarily clean fluid. Most new fluids (right out of the drum) are unfit for use due to high initial contamination levels. Contamination, both particulate and water, may be added to a new fluid during processing, mixing, handling and storage.

    The bottom line - fluid should always be filtered before being put into use. The Parker Guardian Portable Filtration System offers a unique pump/motor/filter combination, designed for conditioning and transferring petroleum-based and water emulsion fluids. This unit protects systems from contamination added by new fluid. The Guardian also circulates and “polishes” existing fluid in systems to reduce the contamination to an acceptable level.

    The Guardian is lightweight, compact, and hand-held, making it easy to carry and reach difficult areas. Fitting easily on a 55 gallon drum, this convenient unit and only requires one person to operate – saving labor costs.

    There are literally hundreds of applications that the Guardian is suited for, with more being discovered each day. If your system is sensitive to the harmful effects of contamination, then the Guardian may be ideal for you.

    Possible Applications:
    • Ground Support
    • Hydraulic Service
    • Mining
    • Mobile
    • Industrial
    • Marine

    Features and Benefits:
    • Lightweight, Hand Held, Compact Design that fits easily on 55 gallon drums, Which is Easy to Carry, Capable of Getting Into Hard to Reach Areas, and Only Requires One Person Operation
    • A Flow Rate up to 4 GPM that Filters and Transfers Simultaneously Provides One Step Operation
    • The Powerful Pump/Motor/Combination with Carboxylated Nitrile Seals are Standard, and Handles Fluids up to 16,000 SUS Viscosity, Providing Reliable Performance in a Wide Variety of Operating Conditions
    • Built-in Relief Valve with no Downstream Fluid Bypass Ensures that Only 100% Filtered Fluid Reaches Downstream Components – Even When Unattended
    • Wide Variety of Filter Elements Available, including High Capacity 2 Micron Absolute Disposable Microglass and 74 Micron Cleanable Wire and Water Removal, Which Maximizes Element Life Between Changes
    • Clear, Wire-Reinforced Hose Assemblies with Wand Attachments, Requiring No Extra Hardware, Easy to Maneuver and Is Ready to Use
    • Optional Quick Disconnect Hose Connections are Fast, Easy to Setup/Tear-Down, Which Eliminates Messy Drips
    • Heavy-Duty Motor with Thermal Overload Protection, is UL Recognized and CSA Listed, Offering Safe, Reliable Performance, and is Field Serviceable
    • Geroter Pump with Visible Serviceable Inlet Strainer Offers a Dirt Tolerant Design with Added Protection, Reliable in Highly Contaminated Fluids
    • Its Quiet Operation (Less than 70dB Noise level at 3 ft.) Can be Used Almost Anywhere with Minimal Disturbance
    • Convenient Inlet-to-Outlet Hose Connection Contains Fluids when Transporting, Offers Clean and Safe Operation
    • Low Center of Gravity Provides Stability and Runs Reliably Unattended
    • Dual Motor Seals Offers Added Motor Protection and Longer Motor Life
    • Auxiliary Inlet/Outlet Ports Offer Flexibility – Able to be Used in Place of, or in Addition to, Standard Ports; Outlet can also be Used as a Sampling Port

Performance Characteristics

Flow Rate

Depending on viscosity, up to 4 Gal/min
Up to 15 lpm (depending on viscosity) L/min

Electrical Requirements

Multiple voltages available depending on model code selections

Filter Element Type

Available in an array of micron ranges utilizing the latest in Microglass technology, wire mesh, cellulose and water removal media

Maximum Kinematic Viscosity

16,000 SUS. Depending on electrical requirements Guardian may be limited to 11,000 SUS fluid. SUS

Minimum Fluid Temperature

-15 °F
-26 °C

Maximum Fluid Temperature

180 °F
82.2 °C

Maximum Ambient Temperature

Temperatures greater than 120 °F will reduce motor life
Temperatures greater than 48.8 C will reduce motor life °C


23.3 lb
10.5 kg


Depending on selections Guardian is available with quick disconnect hose connections

Compatible Element

922626, 922628, 922627, 932016, 933468Q, 932017Q, 932018Q, 933467Q, 932019