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OBSOLETE: On-line Sensor Suite HMI - Parker Kittiwake Obsolete

Note: This product is no longer available - please refer to the "Product Support" or "Recommended products" section of this page for details on any alternative products, or contact us for further assistance


    'Note: This product is no longer available - please contact us for further assistance. 


    Real-time condition monitoring on critical plant. The Parker Kittiwake Sensor Suite offers a combination of the sensor range with display and logging capabilities, the 'Sensor Suite HMI' has been developed to offer real-time monitoring on critical applications such as industrial gearboxes and gen sets.
    Parker Kittiwakes Sensor Suite HMI is able to provide more than 40 parameters in real time and allows the operator to remotely monitor the evolution of any significant change in the lubricant. The full automation of this product eliminates any risk of sampling errors introduced by the operator. Data is displayed locally on a 6” HMI (Human Machine Interface) colour display and stored locally in Compact Flash Card (also accessible via Ethernet). Data can be also streamlined via ModBus over RS485 or via the major Network/protocols (on request).
    Designed to be installed in any lubrication line using just two 1/2” BSPP ports, the suite reports metallic wear debris mass, oil condition, moisture and metallic ferrous / non-ferrous debris counts in the lubricant. Housed in a robust enclosure well suited for a wide range of applications, the product includes the Total Ferrous Debris Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Oil Condition Sensor and Metallic Wear Debris Sensor.


Performance Characteristics

Connection Size

½” BSPP cone fitting

Maximum Operating Pressure

10 barg
145 psi

Minimum Fluid Temperature

0 °C
32 °F

Maximum Fluid Temperature

64 °C
149 °F

For Fluid Type

Petroleum and synthetic oils.
Compatible with most ester based oils.
Do not use with water / oil emulsions

Maximum Intermittent Kinematic Viscosity

350 cSt @40°C cSt


24,5 kg

Ingress Protection Rating


Power Supply Voltage

115/240V AC 50/60 Hz

Flow Rate

1,3 - 9 L/min

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