In-Line Coolant Heat and Electric Fuel Heaters

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    In-Line Coolant Heat and Electric Fuel Heaters

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    Why You Need A Racor Fuel Heater

    All diesel fuels (other than pure #1 diesel) contain dissolved waxes. At cold temperatures, wax crystallizes, leading to fuel gelling and filter plugging. These changes greatly reduce fuel flow, adversely affecting the operability of vehicles. With increased popularity of biodiesel and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), we are faced with new cold weather challenges. While proper fuel winterization normally avoids trouble, both Biodiesels and USLD may experience wax crystallization and gelling at higher than expected temperatures and contribute to cold fuel flow problems anyway. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary, now more than ever, to utilize an efficient fuel heating system for all cold weather applications. For new and complex systems, consult an application engineer or Racor Product Manager to develop a fuel heat circuit appropriate for your application.

    In-Line Coolant Heat Exchangers Nomad™ Coolant Heat Exchangers

    Plumbed into the fuel line upstream from filters, the Nomad™ coolant heater is a compact way to run fearlessly through the cold. An optional internal thermostatically controlled valve allows fuel to bypass the heater once your fuel has reached operating temperature. Depending on fuel flow rate, an 89°F heat rise is possible. Like its other electric partners, there are no moving parts, nothing to rust or corrode.

    In-Line Electric Fuel Heaters Nomad™ Electric Heaters

    The Racor Nomad™ Diesel Fuel Heater is available in 300 and 500 watts and is one of the most compact and efficient ways to heat fuel on the road today. Installation usually takes about an hour. An optional frame rail mounting bracket eliminates drilling and welding. Call Racor for details.

    Thermoline™ In-Fuel-Line Electric Heaters

    The heavy duty Thermoline™ heater strip is installed inside a new fuel line and completely replaces the existing fuel line between the tank and the primary filter. It prevents power loss and stalls, and assists starting down to -40°F/°C. This heated hose path is recommended for extended use in cold weather environments and severe conditions. Thermoline™ In-Fuel-Line Heaters are factory pre-wired with all hardware, ready for quick installation.

    Features and Benefits

    Racor Nomad™ Diesel Fuel Heaters offer heavy duty performance in a compact package. Electric based fuel heaters provide fuel system pre-heating and warm up. Coolant heat exchangers provide full flow heat rise performance for diesel engine operation in any cold environment.

Performance Characteristics



Product Type

Diesel Fuel Heater

Series Type

Fuel Heaters




Nomad Series

Power Output (Watts)

300 or 500 Watts power for electric units


2.6 in. (6.6 cm) or 3.8 in. (9.7 cm) depending on product selected


3.9 in. (9.9 cm) or 5.8 in. (14.7 cm) depending on product selected


4.7 in. (11.9 cm) or 5.4 in. (13.7 cm) depending on product selected


Thermoline hose is 10 feet long

Fluid Compatibility

Diesel Fuel / Kerosene


Weight depends on product selected


Nomad coolant includes bracket. Nomad electric has optional frame bracket ordered separately

System Operation

Nomad coolant is available with our without a Thermostat. Nomad electric have either a shut off thermostat or are controlled in-cab. Thermoline hoses are self regulating.

Inlet Port Connection Type

Fuel in and outlet ports are 7/8"-14 UNF


Nomad coolant side ports are 5/8"

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