Monoclone Inertial Air Filters

The Parker Monoclone Inertial Air Filter is self-cleaning and environmentally friendly. Featuring a compact, lightweight design, it offers configuration flexibility. An ideal air filtration solution for applications with high dust concentrations.

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    The Parker Monoclone is an inertial air cleaner that is environmentally friendly, and a sustainable product, as they self-clean and do not require regular replacement elements. The Monoclone inertial air filter is recommended where dust concentrations are extreme or where service work must be minimized.

    Inertial separators are highly efficient as a primary air filtration device or as a pre-cleaner for high efficiency secondary filters. The Monoclone inertial air filter can easily handle high dust concentrations without any significant maintenance. The unique impeller shape of the Monoclone inertial air filter tube propels the aspirated engine air, creating a spinning motion. This spinning air generates a centrifugal force. The centrifugal force generated separates the dust from the intake airflow, using the principle of inertia. Because the dust has greater mass, and more resistance (inertia), it separates from the intake air. The separated dust particulate is then bled away from the airstream by means of a scavenge fan, making the Monoclone inertial air filter a self-cleaning filter that does not require replacing elements.

    The Monoclone inertial air filter panels are also highly efficient water separators, thus up to 90% of water can be separated.

    The unique construction and fabrication method gives this centrifugal separation filter an excellent structural resistance and superb adaptability. With the help of computer assisted tools, the Monoclone inertial air filter panels are customizable just like a modular solution, to better respond to the special shapes or performances that today's applications require. With housing available in painted carbon steel or aluminum and stainless steel, the Monoclone's inertial air filter plastic separator tubes result in a compact, lightweight design which is easier to handle, and can be both cost effective and corrosion resistant.

    The Monoclone inertial air filter panels can be custom-configured in almost any arrangement, allowing them to match both the physical layout and airflow requirements of any system. Completely flexible to the needs of our customers, this air filtration solution from Parker is an excellent option for extreme dust concentration or minimized servicing application.

    Please contact us for correct sizing and specification of your unit! To better assist your specific needs, please provide the volume of clean air required, the allowable system pressure drop, and the physical dimensions or shape to accommodate.

    • Custom-configuration capability
    • Highly efficient
    • Self-clean and do not require regular replacement elements

Performance Characteristics

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


Inertial - Self cleaning

Efficiency Rating

at rated flow: 92 - 95 %


Alkyd Primer

Pressure Drop

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Flow Rate

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Cooling Air and Air Filtration


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