Medium Pressure In-Line Duplex Filter - DF40 Series

The DF40 duplex filter is a cast iron duplex filter for Marine applications.
Suitable for flows up to 200 l/min and pressures up to 40 bar.

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    The DF40 duplex filter gives you extra flexibility in installation because it can be serviced from the top or the bottom.
    The durable cast iron housing makes it an especially good fit for engine room applications.
    The DF40 with flow up to 200 l/min and pressure up to 40 bar contains Eco elements which help to save the environment and reduce the customer's disposal costs as no metal parts are included.
    This filter also disposes of a double indicator port and test connections which can be isolated with shut-off valves for possible assembly and maintenance.

    • Fuel filter for diesel engines up to 10 MW
    • Lubrication filter for gearboxes and propulsion systems
    • Medium pressure duplex filter in hydraulic systems
    • In-line return duplex filter in hydraulic systems

Performance Characteristics

Flow Capacity (l/min)


Seal Material


Mounting Style


Pressure Rating (bar)

0-34 bar

Flow Rate (lpm)

0-250 lpm

Housing Material

Cast Iron (GJS)

Temperature Range (C)

-20 / +120, -20 / +160

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  • DF40 Series Brochure