Magnum Series Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers - MSC Series

A Magnum Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer is built for heavy industrial applications and has exceptional dewpoint control. In this robust package, functions are managed by a controller that provides a real-time interface for true visibility of air quality.

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    Parker Airtek's patented Magnum Series Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers provide exceptional dewpoint control in a robust package. All Magnum Series Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers come equipped with Advanced Control Center Microprocessor, the most intuitive controller in the industry. All functions and operations are managed by the Control Center, providing the user with a true "real time" interface allowing for total visibility of air quality condition. Magnum Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers are built for heavy industrial applications in mind using a heavy duty solid steel base, semi-hermetic multi-cylinder refrigeration compressors, ASME Code "U" stamped pressure vessels and low pressure drop designs. Dewpoints from 33 - 39°F are maintained through Smart Cycles' unique control system allowing the starting and stopping of the refrigeration system in direct response to air quality and process usage. Our new "Auto Mode" takes all the guesswork out of operations allowing Magnum Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers to manage and control dryer performance, while maximizing energy savings. All Magnum Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers are provided serial ready with RS232 MODBUS port located on the Control Center microprocessor board.

    • Thermal Bank System
    • Flood Level Control
    • High Efficiency Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers
    • Grooved Tube Sheets
    • Reliable Demand Drain

    • Thermal Bank System delivers cleaner and drier compressed air
    • Easily serviced main heat exchanger
    • Precise timing and programming, no “freeze-up” conditions
    • Improved performance (2X main evaporator surface area)
    • Simple, reliable, and non-fouling
    • Leak-proof joints
    • Greater mechanical strength and precision milled grooves in tube sheets

Performance Characteristics


Parker Airtek

Pre-installed Optional Accessories

Air Cooled Unit

Connection Type

8" Flg, 10" Flg, 12" Flg

Maximum Flow Rate (m³/h)

6796.04, 8495.05, 10194.06, 13592.09, 16990.11, 21237.63, 25485.16

Rated Inlet Pressure (psi)


Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)


Minimum Operating Pressure (psi)


Maximum Operating Temperature (F)


Minimum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)


Minimum Ambient Temperature (F)




Weight (lb)

5680, 6415, 7725, 9610, 11020, 13250, 14600

Width (inch)

108, 146, 161, 160, 150

Depth (inch)

68, 76, 83, 94, 100

Height (inch)

95, 111, 120

Prefilter Part Number

Consult Factory

After Filter Part Number

Consult Factory

Prefilter Replacement Element

Consult Factory

Afterfilter Replacement Element

Consult Factory

Installed Condensate Drain

Level Actuated

Dryer Technology

Compressed Air – Refrigerated


Magnum Large Capacity Dryers – Air Cooled

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