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IcountBS Plus - Bottle Sampler

The revolutionary icountBS is an advanced, fully contained bottle sampling system that ensures fast, accurate and repeatable detection of contamination in hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels.

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    IcountBS used for advanced contamination testing.
    Compact and portable, the icount Bottle Sampler is ideal for use in the laboratory and in on-line and off-line applications. The system is fully accredited to all particle counting standards - ISO, NAS, AS and GOST - including the latest ISO medium dust certification and is backed by Parker Hannifin's global customer support network. The icountBS is quick to setup and use, delivers rapid test results and offers a wide range of features to help you improve the reliability, productivity and profitability of your production equipment.

Performance Characteristics

For Fluid Type

Mineral-based oils and petroleum-based fuel

Specifications Met

CE certified

Maximum Operating Pressure

3 bar
44 psi


18 kg

Flow Rate

60 L/min

Maximum Operating Temperature

60 °C
140 °F

Calibration Type


Static Memory Option


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