Portable Particle Monitor – iCount LaserCM

The iCount LaserCM is a portable particle monitor that enables field personnel to quickly and easily measure contamination levels in oil and hydraulic fluids. Notable features include ISO/NAS cleanliness reporting, data graphing, and a built-in printer.

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    Hydraulic fluid cleanliness plays a critical role in the performance and reliability of industrial equipment. Fluids with high levels of contamination and/or solid particulate matter can damage system components, such as pumps, actuators, or servo valves, leading to shorter maintenance intervals, added downtime, and increased costs.

    The Parker iCount LaserCM portable particle monitor is a user-friendly field diagnostic device that provides service personnel with the capability to quickly and easily assess the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid or oil in a wide range of applications. The particle monitor can be utilized while machinery is in operation and is equipped with a number of intuitive features to accommodate users unique requirements, including ISO/NAS/AS standard cleanliness reporting, data entry and graphing, built-in memory storage, and an integral printer.
    The iCountLaserCM features microprocessor-controlled optical scanning for accurate contaminant measurement with a calibration range from ISO 7 to ISO 22 with no monitor saturation. The particles are measured by a photo diode that converts light intensity to a voltage output ,which is recorded against time. As the particle moves across the window, the amount of light lost is proportional to the size of the particle. This reduction in voltage is measured and stored in the iCount LaserCM computer in one of six channels according to particle size. Readouts are displayed on the hand-held LCD in the accepted ISO/AS and NAS standards ready for hard copy printing or RS232 computer download. The on-board computer allows storage of up to 300 test results.
    The iCount LaserCM’s compact, user-friendly design and ease of use set it apart from other portable particle monitors on the market. Operating the device is as simple as pressing the start button and turning the dial. The test procedure is automatic and takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.
    An iCount LaserCM Aggressive Fluids model is available for monitoring corrosive fluids, such as phosphate ester based lubricants used in commercial aviation. Also available are the Parker iCountPD for inline continuous particle detection, and the iCountOS.
    For additional information, consult the iCount LaserCM documentation in the “Product Support” tab.
    •Oil and Gas
    •Power Generation
    •Industrial Plant


    •Deck and mobile cranes
    •Firefighting equipment
    •Hydraulic presses
    •Marine steering units
    •Power packs
    •Waste management, dump and fork lift trucks
    •Waste balers
    •Reach stackers
    •Wheeled loaders
    •Drilling equipment
    •Industrial power units

    •Provides field service personnel with the capability to quickly and easily measure the contamination level of hydraulic fluid or oil in industrial equipment. Dirty fluid can then be replaced and/or cleansed, leading to improved system performance and efficiency.
    •Compact, portable design provides ease of use in the field, as well as in the laboratory
    •Particle monitor can be utilized while machinery is in operation, ensuring system uptime
    •Comes equipped with a variety of intuitive features to accommodate users unique requirements, including ISO/AS/NAS standard cleanliness reporting, data entry and graphing, built-in memory storage, and an integral printer

    •Capable of connecting to flows up to 400 L/min (105 GPM) when used with system 20 Sensors. Higher with single point sampler
    •Maximum working pressure: 420 bar (6000 psi)
    •Particle counts: MTD 4+, 6+, 14+, 21+, 38+ and 70+ microns(c), ACFTD 2+, 5+, 15+, 25+, 50+ and 100+ microns
    •Computer compatibility: Interface via RS232 connection @ 9600 baud rate.
    •Automatic test cycle logging of up to 300 tests can be selected via hand set display.
    •2 minute test cycle
    •Data entry allows individual equipment footprint record.
    •Data graphing selectable via the integral printer. Auto 300-test cycle logging via LCD handset input
    •Limit level output to control peripheral equipment such as off-line filtration via internal relay limit switches
    •Auto-testing allows for the conducting of automatic sequencing tests on flushing systems for example
    •Optional bar code swipe wand to allow handset data loading

Performance Characteristics

Signal Output


Specifications Met


Minimum Operating Pressure

2 bar
29 psi

Maximum Operating Pressure

420 bar
6000 psi


8 kg

Flow Rate

400 L/min

Maximum Operating Temperature

80 °C
176 °F

Connection Type

12Vdc power supply

Static Memory Option


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