Fulflo Mega Flow Large Diameter Pleated Filter Cartridges | Nominal efficiency design for high flow applications

Parker’s Fulflo® Mega-Flow™ large diameter pleated filter cartridges are a cost-effective alternative to wound and other 2½ in. OD style filter cartridges in high flow applications, such as reverse osmosis pre-filtration.

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    Parker’s Fulf o® Mega-Flow™ filter cartridges are a cost-effective alternative to wound and other 2½ in. OD style filter cartridges in high flow applications, such as reverse osmosis pre-filtration, where nominal efficiency is sufficient. Each Mega-Flow cartridge can handle flow rates up to 175 gpm (662 lpm), which reduces the number of filter cartridges required and allows for smaller housings. Each 6-inch (152 mm) diameter Mega-Flow cartridge has flow capacity equal to 8 standard 2½ in. OD X 40 in. long cartridges. Positive O-ring seals and a built-in handle make cartridge installation reliable, fast & easy.
    Mega-Flow cartridges are available in either pleated polypropylene or cellulose media with nominal ratings of 0.5, 1, 5 & 10 micron.
    • High flow capacity means fewer filter cartridges and change-outs which reduces labor costs
    • High flow capacity allows for smaller housings and less capital expenditure
    • Built in handle makes change fast, easy and safe
    • O-ring seal assures filtration integrity
    • Choice of polypropylene or cellulose media allows use in both aqueous and non-aqueous fluid applications
    • Thermally bonded polypropylene and phenolic resin bonded cellulose filter media prevent particle bleed through and unloading that commonly occurs with wound cartridges
    • High surface area pleated design provides lower pressure drop and longer service life than other cartridges
    • All materials of construction in polypropylene cartridges comply with FDA regs. per CFR Title 21
    • Horizontal and vertical housings are available for flow rates up to 3,325 gpm (12,586 lpm)

    • Potable Water Filtration
    • Wastewater Filtration
    • Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filtration
    • Lubricating Oil Filtration
    • Coolant Filtration

Performance Characteristics






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Filter Construction

Pleated Depth

Outside Diameter

6 inch

Hose Reinforcement Material & Structure


Core Type


End Cap Material

Glass Filled Polypropylene

End Cap Configuration

Large ID internal O-Ring/Flat cap with handle

Flow Rate


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