High Pressure Mechanical Flowmeter – Flowline

The Flowline Series comprises a range of highly rugged inline mechanical flowmeters that provide visual indication of fluid flow in hydraulic systems. Capable of measuring flows ranging from 1 – 360 L/min. Maximum allowable working pressure: 350 bar.

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    The Parker Flowline Series comprises a wide range of inline mechanical flow measurement devices that are designed for high-flow, high-pressure applications, including Off-Road mobile pump performance / Industrial oil supply lines. The flowmeters are non-intrusive (i.e., do not obstruct flow) and are available with either a brass or stainless steel housing, making them suitable for use in harsh environments, where high-pressure and corrosive chemicals can damage conventional measurement devices.
    Easiflow flowmeters are highly simplistic and versatile devices that utilize a variable-orfice aperature (i.e., variable area principle). The meters can work in any plane and feature an internal piston, which moves as flow rate increases, opening a larger area to pass flowing air, water or hydraulic oil. The design provides users with a direct visual indication of flow rate and serves as a highly reliable method of measuring flow in high-pressure fluid systems. As an option, the meters can be equipped with a magnetically-operated reed switch that’s capable of controlling valves and/or pumps, or activating alarm signals in the event that flow exceeds or drops below a pre-determined level set by the user.
    Multiple Flowline meters are available to meet the unique fluid flow requirements of customers’ systems. Flow rates range from 0.2 – 360 L/min (.05 - 95 GPM), with a maximum allowable working pressure of 350 bar (5000 psi). All Flowline devices are calibrated for both oil and water and feature accuracy and repeatability of +-5% full scale defection (FSD) and +-1% FSD, respectively. The meters are relatively insensitive to viscosity changes.
    For information regarding compatibility with corrosive fluids, contact a Parker Filtration representative.
    •Oil and Gas


    •Rugged construction (brass or stainless steel) ensures reliable operation in harsh operating environments
    •Clear outer glass body shroud construction allows users to quickly and easily determine flow rate in a system and/or line
    •Helps protect critical equipment from damage by ensuring that hydraulic fluid levels do not go above or below specified levels
    •Capable of flows ranging from 0.2 – 360 L/min (.05 - 95 GPM),
    •Operating temperature range (brass): -20 to +90°C (-4 to +194°F)
    •Operating temperature range (316 stainless steel ): -20 to +105°C (-4 to +221°F)
    •Maximum allowable working pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi)
    •Optional mechanically-operated reed switch
    •Viscosity range: 10 to 200 cSt (oil)
    •Calibrated for both oil and water

Performance Characteristics

Minimum Fluid Temperature

-20 °C
-4 °F

Maximum Operating Pressure

350, 210 bar
5000, 3000 psi


0,4, 0,9, 1,75, 8 kg

Connection Size

BSP parallel threads, BSP Parallel threads

Maximum Fluid Temperature

90, 105 °C
194, 221 °F

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