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Exhaust Manifold Expansion Joints

Parker Expansion Joints for roots-blown and turbocharged engines offer easy installation and longer service life, saving maintenance and replacement costs down the road.

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    A safe, properly operating exhaust system has never been as important as it is today. Railroad engines have very specific exhaust requirements for leakage, vibration, noise reduction, and compensation for thermal expansion. Exhaust leaks pose a potential hazard to workers and may sometimes impair engine performance. The Federal Railway Administration (FRA) inspects systems thoroughly for leaks. If equipment fails inspection, the railroad may be fined and/or the locomotive ordered out of service. Though these safety issues are of vital concern, compliance can be both costly and difficult. To help meet the challenge, Parker offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help railroads meet FRA, U.S. Forestry Service, and other standards.

    The Parker Expansion Joints for roots-blown and turbocharged engines are designed to easily and economically replace the existing expansion joints in the exhaust manifold. Expansion joints are quite necessary in an exhaust assembly; designed to absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of the manifold materials, hold components together, and absorb vibrations. Without the use of the expansion joints, the fluctuation of the exhaust materials from temperature would result in leaks and cracks in the materials, thus leading to costly repairs, system downtimes, and possible FRA violations.

    Parker Expansion Joints offer long service life, greater savings and easy installation! Used for years by many railroads around the world, our proven performance is matched by none.
    Built to Last – The single ply construction with no welding around the circumference eliminates failures due to metal fatigue in “heat affected zones” of other Expansion joints which depend on welded flanges. No internal sleeves or baffles are used in the Parker Expansion Joint.

    Installation – Free floating flanges and two slotted bolt holes make installation simple with mounting in either direction between manifold sections. A flat surface is machined on the outer circumference of both flanges in order to guide and simplify installation with proper heat shield clearance.

    Savings – Replacement costs are less because of reduced manpower requirements for installation, longer life, and finally a substantially less expensive parts replacement cost. (Please note for ordering purposes that the number of Expansion joints needed depends on the engine type, and are available in 8, 12, 18, and 20 cylinder models.)

    • Long Service Life/Built to Last
    • Easy Installation
    • Cost Savings

Performance Characteristics

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel


Exhaust Manifold


High Temprature Paint


36 - 255 lb
16.33 - 115.67 kg

Pressure Rating

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Flow Rate

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Inside Diameter

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