Premium Hydraulic Fluid - DuraClean™

DuraClean™ is ultra-premium hydraulic oil provided exclusively by Parker. The fluid has a unique additive chemistry designed to maximize oil life while providing optimum anti-wear protection for the components of today's advanced hydraulic systems.

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    Parker's motion and control technologies are being utilized by our customers in applications around the globe. Parker continues to advance hydraulic technology with our introduction of DuraClean™, an ultra-premium hydraulic fluid designed to offer exceptional protection of hydraulic system componentry. This multigrade hydraulic oil protects against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion and varnish.

    DuraClean™ hydraulic fluid was developed with a totally unique 'Clean Technology.' This hydraulic fluid has a unique additive chemistry, designed to maximize oil life while providing optimum anti-wear protection for the components of today's advanced hydraulic systems. This fluid innovation prevents harmful deposits from settling on components, protecting hydraulic systems from damage, component replacement, compromised performance and unanticipated downtime. Parker DuraClean™ makes it possible for hydraulic systems to 'Start Clean and Stay Clean.'

    DuraClean™ proves its ability to 'Start Clean' first by being packaged and shipped with an ISO cleanliness level of at least 17/15/12. This helps to ensure excellent hydraulic performance from the beginning of operation, leading to a longer filter life, increased component reliability, and less sampling on the initial fill.

    DuraClean™ proves its ability to 'Stay Clean' because of its unique additive chemistry and ability to resist oil oxidation. The byproducts caused from oil oxidation lead to varnish. Varnish is becoming more prevalent in hydraulic systems today as the size of reservoirs/components is decreasing, while the pressures used are increasing. The initial evidence of varnish is discoloration of metal surfaces caused by a soft sticky material. This soft sticky material clings to metal surfaces, attracts wear debris, and actually prevents anti-wear additives in the oil from attaching to the metal. The material then transitions into a very firm lacquer, causing increased friction within the hydraulic system which negates any of the power savings gained from using a smaller system. Varnish causes a chain reaction within a hydraulic system resulting in inconsistent operation, increased wear on componentry, reduced efficiency, and extended system downtime. These issues are completely preventable by using Parker DuraClean™ , saving our customers both time and the costs associated with the issues of system wear.

    The durable formulation of DuraClean™ provides excellent protection of components even after the fluid has been used extensively. These varnish protection solutions provide proven performance and viscosity retention in a wide temperature range, setting Parker DuraClean™ apart from competitive fluids.


    • Drain-and-change for most industrial and mobile hydraulic systems specifying mineral-based oil
    • Top-treat for replenishing hydraulic systems already using VG 32, 46, and 68 hydraulic oils
    • Wide operating temperature range requirements
    • High performance hydraulic power units and equipment
    • Systems with high pressures and temperatures

    Performance Features

    • ISO 46, all season, multigrade hydraulic fluid
    • Replaces ISO 32, 46, and 68 monogrades
    • API Group II base oil extends oil life
    • High viscosity index for wide operating temperature ranges
    • Outstanding oxidation life to maximize component life
    • Prevents varnish formation
    • Clean, as packaged, to ISO 17/15/12 cleanliness standard
    • Special formulation that allows for rapid air release and water separation
    • Excellent filterability to minimize filter blockage
    • Outstanding acrylate anti-foam agent contains no silicones, which can lead to inaccurate particle counts
    • Excellent shear stability for stable viscosity over time
    • Superior thermal stability for uncompromised performance at high temperatures
    • Parker gold dye for easy identification
    • Formulated to help extend the life of hoses and seals

    Performance Approvals
    • Parker Hannifin HF-0 (Denison HF-0)
    • Eaton Vickers brochure 03-401-2010 (M-2950-S and I-286-S)
    • Cincinnati Machine P-70
    • Meets DIN 51524 Part 3 requirements
    • Meets US Steel 127

    Additional Specifications
    Denison Filterability
    Dry, time in seconds = 172 (600 maximum limit)
    Wet, time in seconds = 202 (344 maximum limit)

    Thermal Stability, Sludge in mg = 2.5 (25 maximum limit)

    Shear Stability, % viscosity loss after 20 test hours = 4.3 (15 maximum limit)

Performance Characteristics


Up to a 1041 liter tote depending on model selected L

ISO Grade

Multigrade 46

Specific Gravity


Flash Point

413 °F
212 °C

Pour Point

-43 °F
-42 °C

Kinematic Viscosity

@ 40°C: 44.3 cSt
@ 100°C: 7.65 cSt

Viscosity Index


Total Acid Number

0.6 mg KOH/g


6000 Hours

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