DP MAX Pleat – Standard Size 2-In. Filter

The Airguard® DP® MAX Pleat – standard size 2-in. filter is an extended-service, synthetic, pleated filter that provides low pressure drop and high dust-holding.

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    The Airguard® DP® MAX Pleat – standard size 2-in. filter is an extended-service, synthetic, pleated filter that provides low pressure drop and high-dust holding. The DP MAX Pleat is designed with a consistent pleat shape on predetermined centers, causing dirt to collect evenly over the entire surface of the media. This technology results in a slow, steady rise in resistance for maximum dust-holding capacity. 
    • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 8 and MERV-A 8-A efficiency rating
    • Low initial resistance for energy savings; DP MAX Pleat = 0.21-in. water gauge
    • Extremely high dust-loading
    • Exceeds American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 52.2 air cleaning specifications for filters installed upstream of cooling coils
    • 100-percent thermally bonded, synthetic, proprietary media to resist moisture, delaminating, excessive buckling, collapsing, warping, and bending
    • Mechanical efficiency – achieves MERV 8 rating before and after a conditioning step
    • Die-cut pattern providing 50 percent more contact points between media pack and frame
    • Integral die-cut cross members for strength and rigidity
    • Galvanized steel metal grid to resist rust, maintain pleat shape, and prevent fluttering
    • 2-in. depth
    • 10 pleats per foot
    • Any application or air handling system
    • Built-up filter banks, central station air handlers, rooftop units, side access housings
    • Final filters for MERV 8 requirements
    • Pre-filters in multistage systems


Performance Characteristics





Product Type

Pleated Filter



Specifications Met

Classified Per UL Standard 900 for Flammability


4.445 cm
1.75 inch

For Fluid Type


Filter Efficiency Rating


Flow Rate

890 to 2170 ft3/min


45.085 to 74.93 cm
17.75 to 29.5 inch

Initial Resistance

0.21 Ω

Materials of Construction

Moisture Resistant Beverage Board Frame

Maximum Operating Pressure

1 inch

Maximum Operating Temperature

225 °F
107 °C



Media Area

5.7 to 12.9 ft2

Micron Rating

≥70% on 3-10 μm

Minimum Operating Pressure

0 inch

Mounting Type

HVAC Frame Systems


0.281 to 0.566 kg
0.62 to 1.25 lb


28.892 to 62.23 cm
11.375 to 24.5 inch

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