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DP HD - Heavy Duty - 4 Inch Pleated Filter (DPHD)

DP® HD pleated air filters provide extended service life in challenging commercial HVAC and process filtration applications. Max. flow rates 585 – 2,085 cfm depending on size (1-, 2- or 4-in thickness). Achieves MERV 9 before and after conditioning.

Full Product Description

Airguard® DP® HD extended surface, heavy-duty air filters are designed to withstand even the most demanding commercial HVAC and process filtration applications -- lasting up to 4X times longer than standard high-capacity alternatives. The heavy-duty media, die-cut frame and corrosion-resistant wire backing enable the DP® HD to withstand harsh environments, where elevated moisture conditions and high amounts of airborne dust can result in filter delaminating, excessive buckling, collapsing, racking, and warping.

The filters are manufactured using sophisticated production control techniques to ensure consistent pleat count, height, shape, and spacing. This uniform spacing contributes to a better-performing pleat with low pressure drop, full-depth dust loading, and longer service life. The 4-in. filters feature two sets of pleat stabilizers (fingers) inserted to maintain proper pleat separation and reduce fluttering in operation.

The media consists of proprietary hydrophobic (water repellant) polyester fiber. The pleated media pack is contained in a frame made of two pieces of 27-point heavy-duty, die-cut beverage board with high wet-strength characteristics. Diagonal support members are an integral part of both die-cut pieces, providing support for the media pack on both sides. The two mating pieces of the die-cut frame fully overlap the entire perimeter of the filter. Frame corners include interlocking flaps to provide additional strength and eliminate bypass in the corners.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC
Process Air Filtration

Air handling systems
Rooftop units
Side access housings
Built-up filter banks
Pre-filters in multi-stage systems

Rugged design ensures performance in demanding HVAC and process applications
Low pressure drop and high dust-loading capacity
Resistant to moisture, fire, mechanical damage, and microbial growth
Performs to MERV 9 before and after filter conditioning
Lasts up to 4X times longer than standard commercial high-capacity pleated filters
Heavy-duty media, die-cut frame, and wire backing prevent delaminating, buckling, collapsing, racking, and warping

Filtration efficiency: MERV 9
Nominal thickness (in.): 1, 2, 4
Rated air velocities (fpm): 300–500
Air flow rates (cfm): 585–2,085
Initial resistances (in.w.g.): 0.16–0.28
Final resistance (in.w.g.): 1.0
Maximum operating temperatures: 225 °F (107 °C)
Material of construction: 27-point moisture resistant beverage board frame
Orientation of pleats: vertical (recommended) or horizontal

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