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Dataflow - Flow Transmitters

An extensive range of flow metering products. Dataflow 4-20mA and pulse output flow transmitters and the Dataflow Compact inline flow transmitter for reading up to 150 LPM.

Technical Specifications

  • For Fluid Type: Oil, Water
  • Operating Pressure: 10 to 20 bar, 145 to 290 psi
  • Industry: Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, General Industrial, Chemical Processing
  • Minimum Fluid Temperature: 5 °C, Water: 41 °F, Oil: 41 °F, Water: 5 °C, Oil: 5 °C, 41 °F
  • Materials of Construction: Borosilicate Glass Tube, Grilamid - TR55
  • Sensing Method: Pulse Totaliser, Infra-red
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 70 °C, Water: 140 °F, Oil: 176 °F, Water: 60 °C, Oil: 80 °C, 158 °F
  • Body Material: Glass Filled Nylon, Grilamid - TR55
  • Signal Output: 5 to 20 mA, 6 square wave VDC
  • Operating Temperature: 5 to 70 °C, Water: 41 to 140 °F, Oil: 41 to 176 °F, Water: 5 to 60 °C, Oil: 5 to 80 °C, 41 to 158 °F
  • Brand: Parker
  • Division: Hydraulic & Industrial Process Filtration Division EMEA
  • Technology: Hydraulics
  • Product Type: Condition Monitoring
  • Product Style: Flow Meter
  • Port Size: 3/8 to 1 inch
  • Port Type: BSP
  • Operating Humidity: n/a
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% Typical
  • ATEX Specifications Met: n/a
  • Ingress Protection Rating: n/a
  • Electrical Requirements: 5 to 24 VDC
  • Communication Interface: n/a
  • Cycle Time: n/a
  • Specifications Met: Pressure Directive
  • Height: 29 to 106 mm
  • Length: 52 to 196 mm
  • Width: 27 to 60 mm
  • Diameter: n/a
  • Seal Material: Nitrile

Full Product Description

Parker HFDE has an extensive range of flow metering products. LoFlow oil and water flow meters. 10 bar max. working pressure. Easiflow meters and flow switches with flows from 1 to 150 l/min. Dataflow 4-20mA and pulse output flow transmitters and the Dataflow Compact inline flow transmitter. Flowline oil, water and air calibrated flow meters and flow switches available in brass or Stainless Steel. Hydraulic Test Units for the speedy diagnosis of hydraulic circuit faults with flow ranges from 2 to 360 l/min. The LoFlow meter has been designed for those industries where the need exists for a low cost solution to small measurements of flow with an accurate reading. LoFlow uses the well tried and tested principle of variable area flow measurement utilizing the movement of a ball or float inside a calibrated tapered bore.
• 4 to 20mA output.
• Pulse output available for totalizing/batching.
• Works in any plane.
• Accepts reverse flow.
• Maximum flow 150 l/min.
• Negligible pressure drop.
• Pressures up to 10 bar.
• Low cost. Simple to install.
• For use with most liquids.
• Factory calibrated. Accuracy ±2%.
• DIN 43650 plug connection (included).
Dataflow Compact – The Low Cost Transmitter the Dataflow Compact Transmitter was designed to offer OEM's and end users alike a means of monitoring low flows on liquids with an electronic output signal- but at low cost. Fluid passes through the one piece sensor body impacting on the twin vanned turbine rotor, causing it to rotate at a speed proportional to the flow rate. Two opposing photo-transistors are mounted either side of the rotor and externally of the clear sensor body, these generate a continuous signal. As the rotor spins each blade obscures the infra-red signal. This is then converted into an industry standard pulse output signal – compatible with inexpensive display units for flow rate, totalising, batch control and large, central control systems. The lightweight Grilamid body with its virtually unrestricted flow path, offers negligible pressure drop for flows up to 25 I/min and withstanding pressures up to 20 bar.
• Pulse output signal for flows up to 25 l/min.
• Lightweight and robust.
• Operates in any plane. Simple to install.
• Low cost flow measurement.
• Negligible pressure drop.
• Accepts reverse flow.
• 3/8 BSP male connection.
• Water or compatible clear fluids only.
• Ideal for washing machines, showers and vending machines.
Flow Rate Totalising batch control and applications in many industries. Dataflow Compact Transmitters are small and very robust having been developed and tested extensively in industry applications where space is a restriction. Dataflow Compact with its Grilamid body and BSP connections can be installed almost anywhere and once installed will give accurate and reliable output signalling.

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Literature and Reference Materials
Part Signal Output Body Material
DFT980 Pulse output Glass filled nylon
DFC9000100 Compact flow Grillamid - TR55
DFT990 4-20mA Glass filled nylon