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FFC-112 Compressed Air & Gas Replacement Elements - Up to 3600 PSIG

Parker Finite inline compressed natural gas FFC-112 filter series features a light weight robust construction, and is designed to protect critical engine components from contaminants in CNG fuel.

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    Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles such as airport shuttles, delivery vehicles, medium and light duty trucks and buses, taxis, and passenger vehicles have come to rely on the Parker Finite FFC-112 Filter Series to protect critical engine components from contamination present in CNG fuel.
    The submicronic solid and lubricant aerosols that may be carried over during CNG compression process as well as contaminants that can be generated by the storage and distribution of the natural gas, must be removed to protect the fuel injectors and pressure reducing valves onboard CNG vehicles. The FFC-112 Filter Series offers two Coalescing efficiencies of 95% (Grade 10) or 99.97% (Grade 6) to meet your filtration requirements. Both ¼” NPT and SAE-6 port connections are available in the FFC-112 Filter Series and the housing is rated for 3600 psig (248 barg). It is small in size, yet the robust lightweight aluminum design allows for versatile installation and easy servicing. The housing is anodized for long life and corrosion resistance in the harshest operating environments.
    There are two new variations of the FFC-112 Filter Series available. The Long bowl (FFC-112L) comes with a longer bowl with no drain plug, while the Extended bowl (FFC-112E) comes with the longer bowl along with the same stainless steel SAE-6 ported drain plug as the standard FFC-112. These versions with the longer bowls have up to 5 times the sump capacity are the standard FFC-112 filter housing for those applications where liquid contamination is a problem.
    • Protects critical engine components such as fuel injectors and regulators
    • Three different variations » Standard length with drain plug (FFC-112) » E-Extended bowl with drain plug (FFC-112E) » L-Long bowl with no drain plug (FFC-112L)
    • Robust anodized aluminum construction can withstand harsh operating environments
    • Two different coalescing efficiencies available, 95% (Grade 10) and 99.97% (Grade 6)
    • Large sump capacity
    • Small and lightweight size
    • 1/4” NPT and SAE port sizes
    • Mounting bracket kit available
    • ECE-R110 Certified Standard (FFC-112) and Long Bowl (FFC-112L)

Performance Characteristics

Maximum Operating Temperature

105 °C
221 °F

Filter Type


Maximum Operating Pressure

3600 psig
248 barg



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