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Compressed Air Microbial Test Kit

Allows users to quickly and easily test compressed air for microbial contamination

    The Parker Compressed Air Microbial Test Unit - CAMTU is the most cost effective solution for quickly and easily testing compressed air for microbes. The Parker CAMTU weighs less than one pound, is easily transported, requires no electrical connection and provides test results in approximately 20 seconds with minimal training required. The device includes connection tubing, a shut off valve and a specially designed pressure regulator and metering orifice.
    Parker Compressed Air Microbial Test Unit includes matched components tp provide the exact amount of compressed air exposure required for each sampling. The petri dishes are pre-filled with specialized tryptic soy agar (TSA) and are designed to hold up to compressed air flow and pressure. TSA is used for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms including most bacteria and mold spores.

    - Lightweight and ergonamically designed for ease of use
    - Constructed of durable polypropylene - easily sanitized
    - Pre-filled petri dishes with tryptic soy agar
    - No electrical supply required
    - No refrigeration required for the petri dishes - 300 day shelf life
    - Quick sampling time
    - Comes complete with connection tubing, pressure regulator/metering orifice, shut-off valve, timer and petri dishes

Performance Characteristics

Filter Type

C02-2418 Disposable Filter Unit Assembly

Accessories Included

Included: Timer Device P/N C01-0123 | Regulator Meetering Assembly P/N C01-0125 | Sanitizing Spray Bottle P/N C01-0124 | Petri Dishes (20 ea) P/N C01-0127

Tube O.D.

1/4 Inch

Valve Type

Shut-off - P/N C01-0126


13.63 inch
346.2 mm


15.63 inch
397 mm


6.38 inch
162.05 mm


7 lb
3.2 kg

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