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Compressed Air & Gas - Up to 300 PSIG - FDD Desiccant Dryer Series

Parker’s Finite FDD Desiccant Dryer Series are the simplest and most reliable method of insuring sensitive pneumatic equipment is not exposed to damaging moisture.

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    Parker’s Finite FDD Desiccant Dryer Series unique inline air/gas dryer system is engineered for easy desiccant changeouts, longer life, and lower pressure drop.
    The FDD Series is designed to remove water vapor and aerosols at point-of-use for intermittent flows up to 60 SCFM. Finite dryers do not require steady flow for constant dew point suppression.
    A color changing moisture indicator with visual sight gauge indicates the desiccant needs replacement.

    • Steel Bowl with Integral Sight Glass
    • Zinc Head
    • Sintered Bronze Elements with Collar Connect for Easy Changeouts (prevents desiccant carry over)
    • Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PSI
    • Optimum Working Temperature: Below 100°F
    • Intermittent Air Use
    • Clean, Dry Air for Pneumatic Applications
    • Protect Instrumentation
    • Protect Air Tools Against Gumming and Oxidation
    • Auto Body Paint Systems - Helps Prevent Fish Eye Defects
    • Valve Actuation - Instrument Air

Performance Characteristics

Connection Type


Maximum Flow Rate

25, 51, 102 m3/hour

Tank Capacity

2 1/2 lbs., 5 lbs., 10 lbs.

Maximum Operating Temperature

180 °F
82.2 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

300 psig
20.7 barg

Dew Point

-40 °F


8.0 (Housing only), 13.0 (Housing only), 20.0 (Housing only) lb


13.5, 23.25, 30.25 inch
343, 591, 768 mm


4.94 inch
126 mm



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