Compressed Air & Gas - Up to 150 PSIG - FMD Membrane Dryer Series

Finite's FMD Membrane Dryer Series is designed to remove water vapor and aersols at point-of-use for intermittent flows up to 40 SCFM with a +35°F dewpoint and 10 SCFM with a -40°F dewpoint.

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    FMD Membrane Dryer Features:
    • Designed for point-of-use applications
    • Pressures to 150 PSIG
    • No moving parts
    • Drying efficiency down to -40°F pressure dewpoint
    • Quiet, Continuous operation • No electricity needed • Low pressure drop • Hollow fiber technology

    FMD Membrane Dryer Advantages:
    • Nothing towear out
    • Can be installed anywhere
    • Lightweight
    • No waiting for media changeouts
    • Differential pressure indicator indicates when filter elements should be changed • No electricity, no U.L. approval required, no refrigerants, and low dewpoints • Only water vapor molecules are allowed to pass through the hollow fiber walls
    FMDMembrane Dryer Benefits:
    • Less downtime
    • Perfect for poin-of-use applications
    • Ease of installation
    • Dryer protection insurance
    • Low operating cost, OEM cost savings, Environmentally friendly, prevents freeezing • Dryers can be used in medical, dental and breathing air applications

    Desiccant Types available; (Desiccant sold separately)

    • Silica Gel -(FSGM100-1 = 5 lb can) 100 % indicating silica gel provides maximum moisture adsorption and dewpoints down to -40°F.

    • Molecular Sieve -(FMS100-1 = 5 lb can) molecular sieves are crystaline, metallic aluminum silicates. The type 4A offers exceptional water vapor adsorption characteristics. Molecular sieves are more effective than silica gel at removing water vapor at elevated inlet temperatures. Dewpoints are attainable to -40°F.

    How do they work?

    The water vapor in the compressed air is removed by the principal of selective permeation through a membrane. The membrane module consists of bundles of hollow membrane fibers, each permeable to water vapor. As the compressed air passes through the center of these fibers, water vapor permeates through the walls of the fibers. A small portion of the dry air (purge air) is directed along the outside of each hollow fiber, carrying away the moisture-laden air whcih is then exhausted to room atmosphere. The remainder of the dry air is piped to the application.

    In all cases when a Grade 10 prefilter and a Grade 6 coalescer are installed upstream on the dryer module, 99.9985% removal of oil aerosols and mists can be obtained. Based on a 40 ppm inlet.


Performance Characteristics

Thread Type


Maximum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Operating Temperature (C)


Maximum Operating Pressure (psig)


Maximum Operating Pressure (barg)


Weight (lbs)

0.7, 1.9, 5.2, 7.1, 18.9, 13.3

Weight (kg)

0.38, 0.86, 2.36, 3.22, 8.57

Height (inch)

14.5, 15, 22, 38, 26

Height (cm)

36.83, 38.10, 55.88, 96.52, 66.04

Width (inch)

5.5, 6.5, 10, 11.5, 14

Width (cm)

14, 16.51, 25.4, 29.21, 35.56



Prefilter Replacement Element

6HM06-013, 6C10-025, 6C10-050