FFC-113 Compressed Air & Gas Filter - Up To 3600 PSIG

Parker Finite inline compressed air and gas FFC-113 replacement filters are used commonly onboard CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) powered vehicles.

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    Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles such as airport shuttles, delivery vehicles, medium and light duty trucks and buses, taxis, and passenger vehicles have come to rely on the Parker Finite FFC-113 filter series to protect critical engine components from contamination present in CNG fuel.
    Parker's Finite Filter Operation's FFC-113 Filters are designed to filter contaminants such as rust, pipe scale, compressor lube oil, and water from compressed gases. These filters are used commonly onboard CNG vehicle systems to prevent contaminants in the fuel tank from getting into the engine, protecting critical engine components, like fuel injectors.

    Parker's varied media choices remove up to 99.97% of both solid and liquid aerosols, and contaminants as small as 0.01 microns in size. The filter housings and the replaceable elements used in this product line have an extremely robust construction, specially designed for use in system pressures up to 3600 psig. The housing comes in one connection size 1/2” with NPT threads; temperatures up to 221°F (105°C), and flows up to 1576 SCFM at 3600 psig.
    • Protects critical engine components such as fuel injectors and regulators
    • 303 stainless steel construction can withstand harsh operating environments
    • Two different coalescing efficiencies available, 95% (Grade 10) and 99.97% (Grade 6)
    • Large sump capacity
    • Small and lightweight size
    • 1/4” NPT and SAE port sizes
    • Mounting bracket kit available
    • ECE-R110 Certified Standard (FFC-113) and Long Bowl (FFC-113L)

Performance Characteristics

Connection Type


Port Size

1/2 inch

Filter Type


Head Material

Stainless Steel

Bowl Type

Stainless Steel

Plating Type


Seal Material


Maximum Operating Temperature

221 °F
105 °C

Maximum Operating Pressure

3600 psig
248 barg

Drain Port Size



5.5 lb
2.5 kg

Optional Accessories

No Accessories

Compatible Element

FFC-113 Replacement Element




2.97 inch
75.44 mm


8.06 inch
204.7 mm

Minimum Operating Temperature

-40 °F
-40 °C


CNG onboard

Element Change Interval

At regular oil change intervals or 6000 mile (9650 km)

Specifications Met


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