Compressed Air and Gas - Up to 800 PSIG - M-Series

Parker’s Finite filters make it possible to improve process efficiency and provide optimal process protection.

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    Parker Finite offers an array of filters sized to handle any natural gas flow and several media choices to meet natural gas application demands. ASME filter housings are constructed from carbon steel. Choices of filter media types include glass fiber for coalescing liquids, cellulose for particulate removal and activated carbon materials for oil vapor and hydrocarbon removal. Filter element ratings are available from 100 microns down to 0.01 micron.
    • Pressures to 800 PSIG
    • Coalescing, particulate and adsorption elements available
    • Connections from 1/4" to 2"
    • Flows from 78 to 2,500 SCFM
    • Temperatures to 175°F
    • Design: ASME Code/Canadian Registration
    • Media types available: C+Q (grades 4, 6 and 10), 7CVP, 3P, & 100WS

Performance Characteristics

Maximum Flow Rate

133 to 1002 (@55 barg) m3/min



Compatible Element

10CU10-050, 100WSU10-025, 3PU10-050, 6CU10-050, 6QU10-050, 8CU10-050, AU10-050, 10QU10-050, 4CU10-050, 4QU10-050, AU10-025, AU10-0225, 10C10-025, 10QU10-025, 3PU10-025, 4C10-025, 4QU10-025, 6C10-025, 6QU10-025, 8CU10-025, 8QU10-025, 100WS10-025, 8QU10-050


2.19, 1.83, 2.17, 1.82, 2.15, 1.80, 5.01, 5.54, 4.90, 10.37 lb
0.99, 0.83, 0.98, 0.82, 2.27, 2.51, 2.22, 4.71 kg

Maximum Operating Temperature

175 °F
79 °C

Element Removal Clearance

5.5, 3.0, 6.5, 10, 13.5 inch


3.06, 4.55, 5.91 inch
78, 116, 150 mm


10.28, 7.89, 10.83, 14.36, 18.60 inch
261, 200, 275, 365, 472 mm

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