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Coolant filter bases are used to add a spin-on filter to a cooling system not outfitted with a filter.

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    Coolant filter bases are used to add a spin-on filter to a cooling system not outfitted with a filter. The objective of diesel engine coolant filters, also known as water filters, is to remove contaminants from the engine cooling system and add chemicals to the coolant itself to replenish important protectants that may be lost over time. Coolant filters can be of cartridge or spin-on design; however, spin-on designs are most common on today's diesel engine cooling systems.

Performance Characteristics




Engine Oil Filter Housing Mount


2.53125 inch
64.3 mm


3 3/32 to 8 3/16 inch
78.6 to 208 mm


0.73 to 0.79 kg
1.6 to 1.75 lb

Inlet Port Size

3/8-18 NPT

Outlet Port Size

3/8-18 NPT

Outside Diameter

4.6875 inch
119.1 mm

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