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Parker has experience in providing air filtration solutions producing a wide range of Bag Holders for fiber glass “baggie” type engine filters. The BHL series is used for the more common 28-inch, and the BHS type is used for the smaller 22-inch.

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    Parker's expertise in air filtration products dates back to the 1940 when we introduced oil impregnated filters for engine intake air. In the early 1990's, with the introduction of our Hybrid Bag filter, which enabled railroads to extend their bag filter maintenance interval.

    Parker’s Bag Holders are customizable models, depending on the type of bag filter and engine requirements, with space constraints in mind. Standard housing sizes range from one to six bags for a large range of applications. Special designs such as with integral inertial pre-cleaners, twin-turbo outlets and acoustic treatments are available. Special materials of construction such as aluminum for light weight or stainless steel for corrosive environments are also available, setting Parker Farr apart from other manufacturers who cannot accommodate such customer demands.

    Parker's filtration innovations are credited with helping to move the railroad industry to six-month service intervals, enabling railways to reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and extend locomotive service life through enhanced protection of key components.
    Now, Parker provides complete engine air filtration solutions for large engine applications in the Rail, Marine, Power Generation, Mining, and Industrial application, providing air filter elements, systems and original equipment housings.
    The Parker RF-180 bag filter readily fits into any existing competitor's bag housing.

Performance Characteristics

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Filter Element Type

1 - 6 qty

Efficiency Rating

Initial >92.0 and final cumulative >98.0, Initial >96.0 and final cumulative >99.5 %


Alkyd Top Coat

Pressure Drop

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Flow Rate

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