Top-mounted Breathers and Filler Breathers – AB Series

The Parker AB Series comprises a broad range of top-mounted breathers and filler breathers. The filler breathers protect hydraulic systems from airborne particle ingress, while allowing sufficient airflow into and out of the fluid reservoir.

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    Ingress of airborne contaminants into hydraulic systems can cause a number of costly issues, including increased wear on pumps and cylinders, decreased performance, shorter maintenance intervals, and added downtime. The Parker AB Series comprises a full range of top-mounted breathers and filler breathers designed to prevent this by keeping out harmful contaminants and allowing the tank / fluid reservoir to effectively breath during equipment operation.

    Multiple configurations are available to meet the unique requirements of customers’ hydraulic systems, including:

    Filler Breathers – Glass-filled nylon or plated metal steel. Multiple installation available including single hole, three hole, or six hole installation. Flow rates up 620 L/min (163 GMP).

    Screw-on type Breathers - Glass-filled nylon or plated metal steel. Multiple connection types available. Flow rates up to 620 L/min (163 GPM). Dipsticks available with all options (two lengths and in packs of 10).

    Lockable Fillers and Filler Breathers (metal) – Pressurized and unpressurized threaded types available. For added reservoir security and oil protection, certain metal filler breathers can be specified with a locking lug option.

    AB Series breathers and filler breathers are ideally suited for equipment required to operate in environments laden with dirt and dust. Typical applications for the AB Series breathers and filler breathers include saw mills, agricultural machines, articulated dump trucks, forestry equipment, wheeled loaders, lubricated systems, excavators, industrial power units, and mobile cranes.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Oil and Gas
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Forestry

    • Deck and mobile cranes
    • Firefighting equipment
    • Forwarders
    • Hydraulic presses
    • Marine steering units
    • Power packs
    • Waste management, dump and fork lift trucks
    • Excavators
    • Harvesters
    • Waste balers
    • Reach stackers
    • Wheeled loaders
    • Drilling equipment
    • Industrial power units

    • Prevents contamination and ingress of dirt, sand, dust, metal, etc. into hydraulic circuits, while allowing sufficient airflow into and out of the fluid reservoir
    • Lengthens time in between required maintenance intervals, reduces operating costs, and extends overall equipment/machine operational life

    • Molded in non-corrodible, glass-filled nylon – strong and light
    • Filler breathers available with single hole, six hole, and three hole installation
    • Screw-on breather range – G1/2 and G3/4 options
    • Compact range – G1/4, G3/8, R1/2 and R3/4 options
    • Metal filler breathers – pressurized and unpressurized threaded type
    • Flange mounting type options
    • Lockable options for reservoir security and oil protection"


Performance Characteristics

Filter Material

10µ abs. PU-foam, No filter element

Outside Diameter

40, 44,5, 51, 70, 76,2, 101, 107 x 149 mm

Seal Material

Nitrile, Nitrile-Cork, No Seals

Operating Temperature

-30 / +90 °C

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