30/30 WR air filters

The 30/30 WR Water Resistant Air Filter from Parker is a medium efficiency ASHRAE pleated air filter, offering protection from water and particulate contaminants. Suitable for use in locomotive, mass transit, and marine applications.

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    In railroad, stationary engine, and marine applications, air filter performance plays an important role in the reliability, life expectancy, and maintenance costs of critical equipment. An inefficient air filter causes an engine to work harder, use more energy, and creates wear, all of which increases costs and environmental pollutants. The bottom line is engines need to be able to breathe clean, dry air, and Parker's range of engine air filters offer the highest degree of filtration and life available, even in the harshest of conditions.

    Parker is the leader in clean air technology and air filter production. Renowned for providing integrated filtration solutions, the Parker engineering team can develop filtration systems that protect engines and reduce fuel consumption, minimizing the total cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact of operations. Parker’s intake filters provide clean air solutions for a wide range of mobile applications such as off road and mass transit vehicles, intercity passenger cars, and marine engines.

    The Parker 30/30 WR water resistant air filter is comprised of medium efficiency ASHRAE pleated panels. This filter features a multi-layered, non-cellulose media that effectively repels water while capturing dust, lint, pollen and other particulate contaminants. The 30/30 WR air filter is 2 to 3 times more efficient than conventional pad filters because its pleated design contains over 7 times more media surface area. The increased efficiency of this filter results in lower dirt penetration and enhanced removal of harmful micro fine particles, reducing wear and extending the life of the engine. This also helps to reduce maintenance costs and engine downtime.

    The 30/30 WR's air filter media is enclosed in a waterproof frame made of proprietary board material that will not deform or degrade throughout the service life of the air filter. The frame is bonded to the media to prevent air bypass, and is reinforced with diagonal support at the air intake and exit, maintaining uniform pleat spacing during operation.  Available in depths of 1”, 2”, and 4”, and various filter sizes, this filter is a versatile choice.

    • The 30/30WR is rated as a MERV 7 filter under ASHRAE test procedure 52.2-2007 (this is equivalent to a 25-30% dust spot efficiency and 90-92% arrestance rating under ASHRAE 52.1-1992)
    • Initial resistance to airflow shall not exceed (0.22”, 0.25”, 0.23”) w.g. at the rated airflow
    • When subjected to water testing at a feed rate equivalent to 11 inches (280 mm) of rain per hour, the 30/30WR allowed no water penetration to the down-stream side
    • Parker is currently pursuing the UL Class 2 classification
    • Available in depths of 1”, 2”, and 4”, and filter various sizes

    • Mass Transit Vehicles
    • Locomotive Carbody Filters
    • Marine Ventilation Systems
    • Turbo Machinery Air Intakes
    • Air Cooling Systems
    • Electrical Cabinet

Performance Characteristics

Medium Air Flow (cfm)

340 - 1000

Maximum Air Flow (cfm)

680 - 2000

Medium Air Flow (m3/sec)

0.16 - 0.47

Maximum Air Flow (m3/sec)

0.32 - 0.94

Medium Air Flow Resistance (in. w. g.)

0.06 - 0.08

Maximum Air Flow Resistance (in. w. g.)

0.22 - 0.25

Medium Air Flow Resistance (in. Pa)

15 - 20

Maximum Air Flow Resistance (in. Pa)

55 - 62

Meets Industry Standards


Filter Type

Pleated Filter


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